Wildwind Kennel

Owners: Andrea & Fred Muscone

2017 Membership Program

In 2012 we began offering memberships to our clients with outstanding feedback and results. We received a lot of great comments on the ease of billing, the flexibility of scheduling and overall effectiveness of the program.

For 2017, we will be scheduling dogs offering these types of programs:

  • Yearly Membership
  • Monthly Membership
  • Mike Nolan & MoJos Oligos "Ollie"
    first all age placement
    FC Sunups Tatonka & Danny Kosewski

    We will continue to limit the amount of dogs we take in for training to the following:

  • Jim Keller - 12 dogs per month


    We will be able to further customize training programs and all dogs will be able to run during optimal conditions. It will also provide enhanced communications. By limiting the amount of dogs, we ensure you the highest level of quality for your dog.

    Goals of Our Membership Program

    To offer exceptional training with specific goals and effective personal communication. It allows proactive scheduling for both owner and trainer.
    new AFC Tonka & Dan Koweski with Mike Nolan and Skittles

    Terms of Membership and Training Agreement

    By reserving a Membership Slot, you agree to abide by the following conditions and agreements:
    FC/AFC Pinecrofts Lord Calvin & Connor
    Wharton after a successful weekend trial

  • All Membership Program reservations are made on an honor system which means no deposit is necessary.
  • Reservation preference will be given to those who have purchased Membership Slots during the prior training season.
  • If you reserve a Membership Slot, you are responsible in full for that reservation.
    Jim and Scratch
    photo courtesy of ESSFT.com
  • If you cancel training or stop training early, it is at the discretion of Wildwind Kennels as to whether you are to be held responsible for the balance of your membership.
  • If you wish to upgrade your membership, you may do so at anytime if there is a slot available.
  • Scheduling preference will be given in the following order: Yearly Membership and Monthly Membership.
  • All invoices must be paid within 20 days of receipt. Any open invoices beyond 20 days will incur a late charge of $2 per day for an additional 20 days. After 40 days of non-payment, further training is suspended until the past invoice balance is paid in full.

    Jim Keller

    Jim has been training bird dogs for over 30 years. He is responsible for all aspects of your dog's training while at the kennel. An experienced trainer of spaniels, pointers and retrievers, Jim now works exclusively with spaniels and flushing dog development.

    NFC/FC/AFC/CFC Crosswinds Warpath "Zip"

    Field Trials

    We campaign spaniels throughout the US and Canada, having made over thirty champions and multiple national placements. We also prepare spaniels to run in the AKC Hunt Tests. We take pride that many of our spaniels compete with their owners handling them in field events.

    We specialize in developing young dogs starting with the puppy stakes then converting them to the more demanding Open All Age stakes. Campaigning opportunities are available on a limited basis.

    We believe in Quality not Quantity.

    Please contact Jim regarding current rates for field trial training.

    Will's Travis of Autumnskye
    Owners: Sylvia and Will Peck

    Daily Boarding

    At Wildwind Kennels, we offer clean, comfortable, first class, heated boarding facilities. We have indoor/outdoor runs, daily walks and a large exercise compound - providing ample opportunity for your dog to settle into a comfortable routine.

  • Jim & Denise Keller - 1368 Webb Rd - Knox, Maine 04986 - tel: 207-322-6236 or
    Preference to calling... Please contact Jim directly by phone regarding scheduling and immediate questions.
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