Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web.
My name is Shawn Shorey, friends call me "Wheelman".

This photo was taken in the summer of 1997 at Loudon International Speedway. (myself on the left) (dad in center) (our friend John Haley on the right).  Sadly because of poor health John is no longer with us. However, each time my dad  and I spend quality time watching a nascar race our memories of John will live on through our love of nascar.

My other interest include   

1. 50's 60's 70's music
2. Computers & Surfing the net
3. Going to car shows
4. Riding my Honda Pilot
Here are my favorite midi files   
  1.  Rebel Rouser
  2.  Crying
  3.  Blueberry Hill
  4.  House of the Rising Sun
  5.  When a Man Loves a Woman
  6.  Runaway
  7.  Dreamlover
  8.  Will You Love Me
  9.  Donna
10.  Wipeout
11.  Pipeline
12.  Desperaro
13.  Friends in Lonely Places
14.  All I have to do is Dream
15.  Blue Velvet
16.  Cotton Fields
17.  Are you Lonesome Tonight
18.  Beverley Hillbillies
19.  Hawaii 5-0
20.  Before Tears Fall
21.  He Stopped Loving Her


This photo was taken in July after my dad and I returned from  Loudon International Speedway.  This "Streetrod" is a 1931 Ford Model "A" with a 327 Cheverolet power plant.