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Our GSAK generated Statistics




1st Find                      Bog Road Cache


50th Find               Don't Quarry, Be Happy

100th Find     Maine Hop in the Bangor City Forest 

Log/Track Canadian GeoCoins

150th Find         Payson Park by the Boulevard

 California Geocoin and Wooden Nickel Tracking Site
200th Find                 Hidden "Treasures"

New York Wooden Nickel Tracking Site

250th Find                       crazy cache


300th Find              Washburn Trail Cache  

350th Find           In The Spirit Of The Season

Geocaching Creed
400th Find             The Puzzle of Bens Bum

Where's George

450th Find                 Fire Safety Cache GPS the Movie and GPS the Game
500th Find                       Bessies Tale                
550th Find            Falmouth Nature Preserve Terracaches we have found
600th Find                  The Woolen Mill *Signature items Collected*  Work in progress
650th Find          Another Hummingbird Cache Listing of Maine Cacher's Finds from Most to Least
700th Find              Paddling on Branch Pond CacheStats - Downloadable software to create your personal statistics
750th Find        Yorktown 10 Gathering of Maples Earthcache Official Site
800th Find               The Fifty States Indiana Cacheopedia
850th Find                  Old Snop Tribute  
900th Find                Aaronpreist Tribute GeoLex - lexicons of geocaching
950th Find             Rolling Dam Brook Falls  
1000th Find              The Fifty States Colorado Pathtags
1050th Find           MC's first 29th birthday cache CacheCooties
1100th Find                   2nd Place Street  
1150th Find         David of Doncaster (Sherwood Forest Series) It's Not About the Numbers
1200th Find                Phillips Community Center EatPlayStay Geocaching Promotional forum and Website
1250th Find                  Perkins Stream Mystery  
1300th Find                    Hathaway Revisited Custom POI Alerts & TourGuides
1350th Find              Castle View at Jordan Park Garmin Dakota 20 Information
1400th Find                        A Goblin Duo Tutorial on loading maps onto Garmin using Mapsourse
1450th Find           Your Choice--Soccer or baseball Free Download Maine Topo  maps (Windows) (Mac)
1500th Find                        Dump Stump  
1550th Find           PROJECT MAYHEM-Biddeford  
1600th Find                  Studalicious #23 Geocheck - Check your coordinates online
1650th Find              Star Wars Tribute: Bail Organa Geocaching Coordinate Checker
1700th Find                 Random Act of Caching #5  
1750th Find                MOO-ry Christmas, Spelunky!  
1800th Find                 Star Wars Tribute: Frank Oz  
1850th Find                                2 to go!  

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