GPS the Game

The Game is Over

-- We Didn't Win but Placed 83rd over all--

Caches We've hidden for the Game

Cache Name Date Placed Associated Puzzle Points Earned
A Walk in the Woods July 7, 2006 COOL MURDER (TR) 100pts

 Found By
(Names listed in the order that cache was found)







Caches we've found for the Game

Cache Name Cache owner Date Found Associated Puzzle Points Earned
Bald Mtn Rd Moosehorn Stream Crossing  Hollora July 2, 2006 GRAIN JOLT (TR) 100 Pts
Perkins Stream Mystery Cache Haffy July 7, 2006 MOWER MAN (TR) 100 Pts
No Bodily Contact  Kacky July 11, 2006 HO HO HO (TR) 100 Pts
GPS: the Quarry Kacky July 11, 2006 TORTOISE (TR) 100 Pts
West Pitch Kacky July 20, 2006 SPIDER ATTACK(TR) 100 Pts
Gone Fishin Kacky July 20, 2006 AGELESS GERTIE (TR) 100 Pts
A Quiet Stop WhereRwe? July 31, 2006 BUTT PAIN (TR) 100 Pts
Little Black Lox Box Cache Maine August 4, 2006 FELIX’ COLORS (TR) 100 Pts