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Danny Grass, 1962-2008

Dan Grass 1962-2008 mapping GPS coordinates with firefighters at Waldo Responder 2008  troubleshooting communications, Frye Mountain team members and trailer, Frye Mountain

Stay safe outdoors!

Say where you're going.

Carry a survival kit.

Be ready for bad weather.

If lost: stay put, stay warm and dry, and signal for help.

flagging the search route checking in at Waldo Responder 2008 exercise near Moosehead Lake learning to use a GPS waiting, Salem, Maine discussing search with ranger exercise is over, now where's lunch? with firefighters at Waldo Responder 2008
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Waldo County Search and Rescue is a rural search and rescue team based in Belfast. The team completes searches throughout Waldo County and the State of Maine. Typically, the WCSAR is called out by the Maine Warden's Service, but with the signing of a new agreement, the team can also be called out by the Waldo County EMA.

WCSAR is a member of the Maine Association of Search and Rescue (MASAR) and conducts ground searches for lost hunters and hikers and others, including children and people affected by dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and autism. We also assist in recovering evidence in suspected homicide investigations, both rural and urban.

Unit and Individual Standards

Recent Activities

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Two team members represented SAR at the Boy Scout Camporee on October 17, 2009, and another team member participated in the October 29-30 statewide exercise of county Emergency Operations Centers.

We traveled to Flagstaff Lake/Eustis on July 18, 2009 to search for a man and a boy who had left their disabled boat and tried to walk to their camp. They were found unharmed before the search got underway. We helped search in Bethel on June 26, 2009, for a missing woman and on April 19, 2009, in Kokadjo for an Alzheimer's victim. Sadly, both were found deceased.

We participated in the search on August 31, 2008 near Salem, Maine, for a 9-year-old Windsor girl who had become lost in the woods the day before. Good weather, a massive volunteer turnout, and the young girl's good sense helped create a happy ending to the family's ordeal.

On August 16, team members participated in Waldo Responder 2008, a full-scale disaster exercise that took place on Frye Mountain, near Morrill. Team members used their GPS skills to guide emergency responders to a remote (simulated) crash site. On August 24, four team members travelled to Greenville to participate in Save the Kate, a Region 4 exercise with a scenario involving a fire on the cruise ship Katahdin.

The team joined teams from all over Maine on November 11, 2007, to help police search for clues in the disappearance of Lewiston resident Donna Paradis. Teams received photos of the missing woman taken by a bank surveillance camera just before she disappeared in late October, and were assigned to search different open areas near Lewiston.

A Waldo County team searching along an abandoned rail line late that morning found a pickax and, soon after, the victim's jacket. This made it possible for police to concentrate their search in that area. Teams took a break while police investigated and then returned to continue searching the area until nightfall. A smaller group of volunteers continued the search the next day, and Ms. Paradis's body was found in a shallow grave.

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How You Can Help

As an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, Waldo County Search and Rescue depends on the support of people like you.


In search and rescue, there are ways for people of many different skill levels and abilities to contribute. We welcome new volunteers. The team meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. downstairs at the Waldo County EMA office at 45A Congress Street in Belfast.


Volunteers donate their time for training and searches, and provide most of their own basic equipment, which is similar to that needed for other outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting. But training costs money, and so does specialized equipment like radios and generators.

Our mission depends on the generous support of individuals and companies, along with money raised during team fund-raisers. The more you help, the more we can do.

Contributions are tax deductible and can be sent to:

Waldo County Search and Rescue
45A Congress Street
Belfast, Maine 04915

For more information about joining the team or making a donation, contact Gary Drinkwater (338-3394) or Harvey King (342-5377).

Current Projects

We are working to equip and customize our 12-foot Hallmark trailer. Plans include installing a generator, solar panel, and radio system.

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Outdoor Safety

Here are some ways to keep yourself safe and if you do get lost, some ways to help us find you.

If you get lost:

(Based on advice in You Alone in the Maine Woods by Gareth Anderson and John Marsh of the Maine Warden Service.)

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Contact Us

For more information about volunteering or making a donation, contact Gary Drinkwater (338-3394) or Harvey King (342-5377).

Team meetings are at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month. Visitors are welcome; please call in advance to let us know you're coming and verify the schedule.

Send correspondence to:
Waldo County Search and Rescue
45A Congress Street
Belfast, Maine 04915

For questions about the website, email angharad09@gmail.com with "Waldo SAR" in the subject line.

Waldo SAR Officers

Director:   Gary Drinkwater, Northport

Assistant director:  Harvey King, Searsmont

Treasurer:  Jeff Grass, Searsport

Secretary:  Brenda Bunker, Swanville

Quartermaster:  Kerry Parker, Belfast

Training officer:  Kevin Winslow, Belfast

Board member:  Philip Kelley, Belfast

Board member:  James Ames, Searsmont

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