Emergency Management Vision

Waldo County will be a disaster-resistant county that mitigates potential disasters and emergencies with prepared residents and responders who are ready to quickly and effectively respond and recover from such disasters and emergencies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency is to plan and prepare for disasters and emergencies that could happen in Waldo County, coordinate with other government entities, coordinate county and municipal efforts for joint response to regional disasters and emergencies and to establish and manage an organized effort to quickly respond and recovery from such disasters and emergencies.


  1. Better prepare Waldo County's Local Emergency Responders and Manager's for potential emergencies and disasters.
  2. Better prepare the residents of Waldo County to be ready for potential emergencies and disasters.
  3. Mitigate the effects of Waldo County's worst potential disasters - forest fires, hurricanes, severe summer and winter storms, flooding, utility outages and hazardous material spills.

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