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Need help? Check out the topics below. Microsoft Windows Index

Windows 98 Tips & Tricks Index 1
Windows 98 Tips & Tricks Index 2
Windows Millennium
Is Win XP For Me? Q&A
Windows XP Tips, Tweaks & Tricks
Bo's Windows XP Performance 
  Tips n Tricks

DOS is down, but not out
Got a file that you don't know? Click Here:

Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager
Windows FAQ's
Windows Error Messeges & What They Mean
How to use the Windows Extract.exe Command
Error Messages by Product and What to do About them
Bo's Registry Tweaks
Understanding Buffer Overruns
Bo Explains the Regsvr32 tool
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode Power Supplies
Off site Content

Windows 98 hardware troubleshooting information
Get help making your hardware devices work properly with Windows 98.

(The Help and Support Center in Windows XP puts troubleshooting information at your fingertips. Find out more.)

Windows XP Support
Windows Family Home Page

Need more help? Why not try - Bohunky0's Tech Support Help Web
Common Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:
Alt-Tab:  Switch between open applications
Ctrl-Esc:  Bring up the Start menu
F2:  Rename a file or folder
F5:  Refresh folder or desktop contents
Shift-Del:  Delete without sending to the Recycle Bin
Alt-F4:  Quit the application (or shut down if no apps are open)
Common Windows Key Shortcuts:
Shift-Windows key-M:  Reopen minimized windows
Windows key-F:  Launch the Find menu
Windows key-M:  Minimize all open windows
Windows key:  Bring up the Start menu

Many have asked, "Why do you not have Hardware tips Bo"? Well, my usual response is, "I am only one guy and just can not keep up with the ton of new Hardware and peripherals on the market today". Rather than make a half-hearted attempt at something that really can't be answered in a few emails, I prefer to default to the experts. While I do repair and build custom PC's it is just to much to expect a correct answer on any one given problem. But, as a service to my readers I have adopted a. "farm it out philosophy". In that vein check out the following for your hardware problems with all my best for success.

Good luck,

Need help with your hardware? Try, "Trish's Escape From Hardware Hell".

From Reviews to jumper settings, this site is a handy guide for anyone who is about to install new hardware.
This site has not yet been reviewed

Get MS Windows Error Messages A free utility that shows you what the code means for those cryptic error messages you get in Windows

Windows Quick Clicks

Hey, you work hard...take a break. Find out some hidden amusement in your applications. Go to Eeggs.com and have some fun for a change.

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