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Site Updated on 12/16/05

Welcome to Bo's Netscape 6.0 problems and solutions page
Trust me~You are not alone~
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News alert~JavaScript trips up Navigator
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*Where else can I get help with my Netscape 6.0 browser problems Bo?
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*Reader Brian has found a great Netscape site - Silly Dog 701 - check it out.
*Before you install Netscape 6.0, install and use PC Magazine's InCtrl5 v1.0
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Netscape 6

New~Netscape 6.01 has been released. Click here to go get it. The review is in check it out. Click here.

News Headline
Table Align Attribute Nixes Printing in Netscape 6

Below are just a small sampling of just some of the problems that our readers are having with Netscape 6.0. Until AOL acknowledges some of these issues I am strongly advising everyone to steer clear of this release of Netscape 6.0. It is not worth the headaches it seems to be causing. If you simply must have a Netscape browser, download and install Netscape 4.76. You can also download the Communicator Base Installation and the Communicator Professional with Calendaring Installation. Please click here for more information on Netscape 6.0.

Download Full Install

ShortKeys Lite
Netscape browser users can employ this free tool to play back recorded keystrokes. It's helpful in performing automated, repetitive tasks, such as logging on to a site.
Version: 1.7 
Price: Free 
Download ShortKeys Lite now at: 


Got a solution for a common problem that you don't see here? Don't keep it a secret. Let everyone who reads these pages know. Email me! If it makes sense, we will publish it on one of our pages.

Improve page load performance on netscape browsers

You can enable pipelining to speed page loading.

1. In Netscape go to edit then select preference.
2. Click Advance on the category and then click HTTP Networking.
3. In Direct connection options check enable pipelining. If you feel that it just slow down the page loading you can always uncheck it. Some web servers or proxies don't support this feature. Just try it:

In Netscape 4.78, Visited Links do not Change Color

Reader Jack writes: 

I am using as my browsers Explorer 6 and Netscape 4.78. In Netscape visited links no longer show as a different color even though properly set up under index/preferences/appearance.

In Explorer they do show as a different color. This is no big deal, just annoying! Any suggestions?

Please see the following site for troubleshooting suggestions:

If links still don't change color after they are visited then the history file may be damaged. 
Here is what you need to try:

1) Close Communicator.
2) Rename Netscape's to Netscape. old. It is located in the user profile directory, 
C:\program files\Netscape\users\<your profile name> .

Then restart Communicator. The history file will be re-created and all the newly visited links should change colors from now on. 

Did this adware program block my Net connection?
Q. Every time I try to connect to the Internet, I get an error message saying that file msbb.exe is corrupted or something like that. What's going on?

A. Sounds like you've got yourself a bad case of the ad-serving blues. File msbb.exe represents n-Case, a program from ad company 180Solutions. n-Case compiles and analyzes data on the sites that you visit and shares that with other companies for marketing purposes. In short, programs such as n-Case help 180Solutions send you annoying pop-up ads that might match your interests. Naturally, you won't remember downloading such an application because these apps often hitch rides with downloadable software. You can usually remove n-Case via Windows' Add/Remove Programs control, although sometimes it won't delete unless you get rid of the download that it came with in the first place. From now on, be careful about the shareware or freeware that you download and get yourself a firewall. It also wouldn't hurt to grab a good spyware catcher. This will assist in rooting out and dystroying not only the program causing the spyware, but also in deleting registry entries pointing to it. We strongly urge the use of Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. Find it on our Freeware pages. On this same page, you will find a great little freeware firewall called Zone Alarm from Zone Labs. Zone Alarm comes in two flavors, the ever popular Zone Alarm light and the pay for play version, Zone Alarm Pro.

Bug for Unsent Messages folder for POP3/SMTP mail users.
If one writes a message and wants to send it later, the mail program gives an error message saying that it was unable to save the message and asking to review the Mail settings.

Reader Analdo writes:

I'm writing you to report a bug and a solution for a saving problem on the Unsent Messages folder for POP3/SMTP mail users. If one writes a message and wants to send it later, the mail program gives an error message saying that it was unable to save the message and asking to review the Mail settings.

Be sure to close Netscape and/or Netscape Mail before making the below edit.

The problem:
The bug resides in the Prefs.js file, on the line
(Open notepad, navibate to
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape6\defaults\pref\ and instruct Notepad to open *.Js* files then open the file Prefs.js


The slash (/) between "user" and "pop3.server" should be replaced by the ASCII code of the slash: %2F as in the line below

The Fix:

Solution is just a matter of editing that file and replacing the correct code. Don't forget to save your work (File | Save or click F+S and then F+X)

Please pass this message to all Netscape users so they may have that bug fixed.

Thanks Analdo, I am sure that our readers will appreciate this fix.

We were not able to duplicate this problem in Netscape 7.0 nor in Mozilla 1.1. We were able to duplicate the problem with Netscape 6.0 running on a Windows 98 operating system.

We have noted similar problems with Netscape 7.0 not saving Edit | Preferences settings on some functions.....Bo

Q. Help I downloaded netscape6 and something happened to all  the text on my buttons. Even start button has no text on it. I tried to uninstall netscape6 and I still have this problem. Some one suggested reinstalling Windows 98.  HelpPlease? Carol

A. Thanks for your question. What the person told you is probably the easiest and least frustrating way to get this type of information back. a re-install of Windows is your best bet. If this doesn't work for you, and I see no reason why it shouldn't, please resubmit this message to me and I will give you the Registry settings you will need to change for this problem.


Thanks for your question.

As you no doubt have noticed, Netscape 6.0 is rather vague about it's uninstall procedures as well as many other things concerning this latest version of Communicator. It is unfortunate, I had high hopes for this version. Oh well, on to your problem.

I am assuming that you are talking about the final release of Netscape 6.0. I am also going to assume that you uninstalled Netscape 6.0 from Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, or win Me and used the Control panel applet; Add/Remove to perform this function.

Although Netscape 6.0 will be gone from your computer with the instructions above, there are still a few registry and profile files left on your computer. You can only delete these manually:

Delete the "Users50" folder. In Preview Release 2, this is found in the "Netscape" folder. In Preview Release 3, this is found in the "Mozilla" folder, which is found in any of various locations, depending on which version of Windows you're using:

Windows 95/98/ME If password protection is disabled: "C:\Windows\Application Data" If password protection is enabled: "C:\Windows\Profiles\<user name>\Application Data"

Windows NT "C:\Winnt\Profiles\<user name>\Application Data" Windows 2000 "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data" In the "Windows" or "Winnt" folder, delete "mozregistry.dat" and "mozver.dat." It's fine if "mozver.dat" is not there at all.

I hope this helps in some small way and thanks for your question....getting allot of these.

Happy computing and may I suggest that you install Netscape 4.76. Or bite the bullet and download and install Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.5. Do not download and install MSN Explorer. MSN Explorer is a whole other story. You can learn more about your other options by checking out Bohunky0's Browser Wars page.

Happy browsing Sunny

Been getting a ton of questions from folks that are not impressed with Netscape 6.0. Some of those can be found at

Bohunky0's Netscape Follies


Your article gave me second thoughts on Netscape 6 which I just ordered. Any advice you have developed would be appreciated.

Thank you for your kind words.

If you plan to install Netscape 6.0 it is wise to remember that uninstalling is not a simple task. also AOL is not very forthcoming in the information department either. There will be little help from America Online or Netscape's own website. If you have a software monitoring program such as Symantec's Norton Utilities, System Mechanic, or McAfee's Nuts and Bolts, it is wise to allow the installation of Netscape to be monitored for ease of uninstall if you discover Netscape 6.0 not to your liking.

Many of my clients complain that there are ghosts left over after Netscape 6.0 is uninstalled and some of the features of the 6.0 version remained behind. I still have Netscape 6.0 on my machine but it is only used to try and solve problems that my readers inform me of and I rarely, if ever, use it for my day to day tasks.

Netscape 6.0 has some problems for sure. Hopefully in the future many of Netscape's problems will be resolved. Many Netscape users are adverse to adopting Microsoft as their primary browser. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, Internet Explorer 5.5 is the only game in town for feature rich web content browsing. Even this has problems. I.E. 5.5 has some unexpected problems when combined with Windows 2000. Some Pentium 3 and Pentium 4 chipsets also have been related to I.E. lockups and/or system crashes.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.01 works very well with both of these types of systems and the only real big advantage is the print preview found in I.E. 5.5 and you can live without that if you use either of the above mentioned systems.

If you can not or do not wish to force a departure with AOL and Netscape then may I suggest Netscape 4.76 which is a fine browser and I still occasionally use it myself though I.E. 5.5 is being used more and more.

What the heck, they are both free for the download, why not give em a shot. As for Netscape 6.0, well...lets just say, it leaves a lot to be desired for the present.


Q. I am currently using Netscape 4.5 Someone told me to download netscp6.exe  but when I did I had problems so I deleted it and went back to 4.5  NOW my images won't show up and when I try to save image as to my hard drive same thing.  They say I need netscp6.exe to open files of type such as monzilla GIF image file or monzilla JPEG image file...what is that?????  what did I do wrong?  Oh I am hoping you can help me...sigh...  Tracey

A. You are not the only one having problems with Netscape 6.0 trust me. Most of the emails I have received this past month have been primarily about Netscape. This problem however, is a first...good for you . You win the Bohunky0's favorite problem award. What do you win? Why you have the earnest privilege of having your problem and its possible solution posted at Blaisdell's Little Corner of the Web. What do you mean you would rather have money?

Now for your problems Tracey. It appears that Netscape 6.0 has locked your file associations to Netscape rather than reverting back to the imaging program you had before. I will assume that you are using Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, or Me. If you are not, then disregard this email.

Method 1

First open Windows Explorer:

  1. Click on View on the menu bar
  2. Select Folder Options from the menu
  3. Select the File type tab
  4. Scroll down the list until you find the file marked, "JPG or JPEG File".
  5. Double click on the file.
  6. Be sure to select Enable Quick View, Always show Extension and Confirm after download as the image above.
  7. Click the edit button
  8. The Action should be open
  9. Application used to perform this action should be whatever you use as an image viewer. You will need to know the path and location for that. If you do not know the exact location you can click on the browse button to find it.
  10. Once found, click okay and close all open dialog boxes.
  11. Reboot your computer
  12. All changes should now have taken effect and you should be able to open images in your preferred viewer.
  13. do the same for the GIF image and any other files that may have been seized by Netscape.

Method 2

An easier way, and one that not many folks know about, is an old holdover from the old Windows 3.1 days. If you installed Windows 98-Me as an upgrade to Windows 3.1 or 95 you should still have this file on your system. To see if you do, try the following:

  1. Click the START button
  2. Select the RUN menu
  3. Type winfile and hit your enter key or select okay
  4. An old 16 bit file manager window will open if it is on your machine, if not, skip this operation, you do not have the program.
  5. Select File from the menu bar
  6. Select Associate from the drop down list
  7. Type JPG or the extenuation you want to associate a program with in the files and extension box
  8. If you do not know what the path location is for the program associated with this extension is, just click on the Browse button
  9. This one will be a little bit different than the Explorer windows was. It is only an 16 bit program and will not use long filenames. You might see something like
    This means, C:\Program File\Image\YourViewer.exe. It only carries the old DOS 8.3 rule.
    Get the idea?

Once you have performed the above steps and associated your file extension with the program you use to view files with, go ahead and do the same procedure to all of the wrong extensions. Then open Windows Explorer and find a file with that extension. For the sake of argument lets say it is an image file with the extension of JPG. Double click on the file. If your viewer opens it, ta da.......you have done it and your extensions are all re-associated. Oh and by the way, you do not need to reboot with this method, much simpler isn't it?

I hope that you have had a great success and are now up and running once again.

Thank you for your question and have a happy holiday season.

Oh yeah, by the way, try downloading and installing Netscape 4.76. It has some bug and security fixes that Netscape 4.75 does not have.


Q. Everything seems to have worked out quite well.  Only one thing appears to be not up to par.  If I save some thing to 3 1/2 disk now, it wont open it,,,,,,, says it can't find path. It tries to open it in the 4.76 all right, but it stalls. (after receiving many Netscape windows asking me if I want to open it or save it to disk).   

A. This type of behavior is indicative of a more serious problem than a misbehaving uninstall procedure. Now that I have scared the pants off of you we can fix this.

First we need to determine if this is a Windows problem or if the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is at fault. To do this determine if you can access your 3.5 drive from DOS.

  1. Reboot your system
  2. While the system reboots hold down on your CTL or Control key
  3. A DOS menu will appear
  4. Select Command Prompt Only from the menu
  5. Once you get to the C:\ prompt place a 3.5 inch data disk in your drive
  6. Type A: and hit the enter key
  7. The prompt should change to A:\
  8. If it does we are in luck and it is only a windows problem

If we determine that Windows is the problem while you are in your DOS environment do the following:

  1. Type C: and hit the enter key
  2. For this next operation to work you must be in a true DOS environment and not in a Windows DOS box, it simply will not work otherwise.
  3. Type
    scanreg /fix
    Hit your enter or return key depending on how your keyboard layout is set up.
  4. scanreg will examine your system registry vie User.dat and System.dat
  5. User.dat will go by in a hurry
  6. System.dat is going to take a little more time, be patient
  7. Once done, scanreg will notify you that your System Registry has been repaired.
  8. Click okay or hit your enter key
  9. The system returns to DOS
  10. Hold down on your ALT and CTL key simultaneously and hit your Delete key.
  11. Allow the system to reboot normally

Now for the moment of truth. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop. See if the 31/2 Floppy (A:) drive is listed and if so place a 3.5 data disk in the drive and double click on the drive letter. If it opens in an explorer window we are successful. Try copying some data to a disk to be certain.  If not ooops!

If you still can not access your diskette drive and we have determined that the Windows environment is the problem the easiest fix is to re-install Windows. If it is the BIOS that is at fault it is easy enough to fix but this is serious business and can cause severe problems if not done correctly. I think it is safe to pass on this for the time being unless you really need to enter the BIOS setup. That can be handled later if necessary but it is not for the novice trust me.

Q. Should everything named  "Mozilla"  be gone?   Just wondering because I seen a file in the registry under  "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE \ Software \ Mozilla".     Just wondering.   I must say you're good though. 

A. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE \ Software \ Mozilla

Mozilla is the open source code used by both Netscape 6.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4x and above. In this light, if you are not using MSIE it may be wise not to delete the Registry Key. Windows 95, to present, is highly customizable by the end user. This is great for the end user but it makes diagnosing individual problems a hit or miss deal at best. Given this, it is inadvisable to delete something that we are not sure of. It very well could be needed by some other program that you may have on your system. If everything is working okay, leave it alone. It won't hurt anything if it remains in the registry and it is better to keep it then to cause a whole new set of problems. In other words, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Mozilla is the open source code browser that both Netscape and MSIE are based on. If you would like to learn more about Mozilla go to http://www.mozilla.org for all of the latest on this open source browser.

Importing Your old Netscape messages to Outlook Express

Hi Alex,

Alex has downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 5x

Q. What I could download of Netsacpe 6 locked up about 200 unread e-mails plus 1000;s of read ones and after 2 months I still cannot unlock them. Had to go to IE 5, which thank goodness works pretty well. How in hell could Netscape be such incompetent SOBs? Their invitation to contact them by e-mail is a complete farce,sham, frost, delusion etc. At one time I thought Gates was Dracula, now it turns out that it is Netscape/Steve Case, AOL/Warner that are the true villains and Gates is the hero. If you have any thoughts about how I can unlock my 200 messages (plus the 1000's of earlier ones)I would surely like to know.

A. Trust me Alex you are not alone in your views, though I seldom hear them put, shall we say, quite so eloquently.

AOL's out right disdain for their customers is disheartening to say the least though I must confess I could see it coming. You have already discovered that Netscape 6.0 tech support is, well lets just say it is practically non existent. Good for me, bad for folks like yourself.

Here is one thing that may work, then again, with Netscape 6.0 there are no guarantees I am afraid. For this to have any chance of working, you can not have deleted Netscape 6.0 or any of it's components. If you have, ignore the below step there is nothing I can do to help you sorry. If you did delete Netscape 6.0 try the below anyway, sometimes older versions of Netscape or some of their components may linger on your hard drive. It is worth a shot any how.

  1. Sense you now have IE open your Outlook Express
  2. Click on FILE in the menu bar.
  3. Select IMPORT from the drop down list
  4. Select MESSAGES from the side menu
  5. Scroll down the list of the Import Wizard until you get to Netscape Mail ignore the version numbers
  6. In the location bar of the Wizard, if nothing is showing, click browse and Navigate to:
    C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\What ever you have setup as your mail box\Mail
  7. Select NEXT
  8. Select to import all folders
  9. Click NEXT
  10. You may get an error message that not all of the messages could be imported. This is more likely to be corrupted files or files that may have virus behavior to them and Outlook will not import these no matter what we try to do. Uncle Bill is finally waking up to the hazards of security.

At this point your saved messages that can be imported should now be in the folder listings of your Outlook bar.

If you did delete Netscape 6.0 try the above anyway, sometimes older versions of Netscape or some of their components may linger on your hard drive. It is worth a shot any how.

I hope that this solution may help in some small way to solve your problem and thanks for your question.

Q) How do I uninstall Netscape 6?

A) Complete uninstall instructions are in the Release Notes, which are located under the Help menu. Here's a link:


Q) Netscape 6 changed my graphics files so now they all open with Netscape 6. How do I fix this?

A) What is going on here is that the Windows file-type associations have been changed. This is not unique behavior to Netscape; in fact, most programs will change some file-type associations to themselves if the default installation options are chosen (I'm pretty sure if you choose "Custom" during the NS6 install, this will NOT happen. Can someone confirm?). All that is necessary is to change them back to whatever program you'd like.

If you still have Netscape 6 installed, from the pulldown menu choose Edit -> Preferences. Go to the Advanced category in the left pane, and expand it by clicking on the twisty (the triangle to its left). Choose the Desktop Integration subcategory. Then the right side of the window, check the boxes for the types of files you want Netscape 6 to open (and uncheck the ones you don't want it to open). The three graphics file formats here are JPG, GIF, and PNG files. Unchecking boxes should return the file-type associations back to the way they were before you installed Netscape 6.

If you uninstall Netscape 6, it should return the file-type associations to the way they were before you installed it.

However, if for some reason you can't get Netscape to return the file-type associations to their previous settings, you can do it through Windows itself. Here's how:

Locate one of the graphics files of the type you want to change. Click once on it to select it (so that it is highlighted), then hold down the [SHIFT] key while clicking once with the right mouse button. From the menu that pops up, choose "Open with...". From that menu, locate the application you'd like to have open this file type from the list provided and highlight it. Then make sure that you've checked the box for "Always use this program to open this file" and click the [OK] button. Windows will now create a new file-type association for this graphics-file type and will remember it from now on. Do this for a JPG, a GIF, and a PNG file (if you use them).

Q) How do I report a problem to Netscape?

A) Netscape has proved a web-based form for reporting problems with Netscape 6. Please go to:


Q) How can I disable the splash screen that displays every time I launch Netscape 6?

A) You can do this by modifying the target that the Netscape 6 shortcut points to. To whatever is currently there, add -nosplash (outside of any quotes). For example, if you had Netscape 6 installed in the defauly location, you'd change the Shortcut's target to read:

"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape 6\netscp6.exe" -nosplash
Note that these command-line parameters can be combined with any others you'd like to use. 

Q) When I launch Netscape 6 it hangs on the splash screen. What's wrong, and how do I fix this?

A) This appears to be a fairly common problem, but as of yet I have not found definite answers. My initial feeling is that this is occurring for people who installed a previous "Preview Release" of Netscape 6, or perhaps a Mozilla build, and then tried to convert the profile from that to NS6 final. Converting profiles from Netscape 4.x seems to be fine, as well as having multiple versions installed that all use unique profiles (that were not converted). The problem might also be caused by lingering files from a previous install. Files that NS6/Mozilla install include:

It'd also be worth trying the solution to the next issue mentioned in the next question (regarding running Profile Manager). This has worked for some. Another user found that they had an oversized (90+MB) bookmarks.htm file, and deleting it fixed their problem.

James S
Netscape Support Technician writes
Another thing that I have found that will resolve this issue is to delete the Activation.dll then relaunch the browser. >>> However one of the biggest culprits of this issue is low system resources,,, The Min System requirements for the product is 64 megs of Ram. This is a big deal if you have a lot of TSR's running while trying to launch..
TSR's are Terminal or Stay Resident programs. These take a chunk of memory and are stored in memory until physically removed or until Windows and DOS shuts down. They are commonly loaded by lines in either the Autoexec.bat or the Config.sys files or both.

If you had been experiencing this problem and came up with a definite fix in your situation, please let me know.  Email me here

Q) I'm having trouble importing my information from 4.x to 6.0. Help!

A) If your old profile information wouldn't properly convert, you can try these manual methods...

Bookmarks: From the Navigator menu, select Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks. Select File -> Import Bookmarks. Browse to your Netscape 4.x profile directory and select bookmarks.htm.

To set the Personal Toolbar folder: In Bookmark Manager, right-click on the desired folder. Select Set as Personal Toolbar Folder.

Address Books: Open Address Book in Netscape 4.x. In the Directory pane, select the address book to migrate. From the menu, select File -> Export. Save the addbook as an LDIF file (the default file type). Note: there is no default file name for the exported file, and the name you give it will become the addbook name when it's imported into Netscape 6. Open Address Book in Netscaoe 6. Select File -> Import. Select Address Books. Select Text file. Browse to the saved LDIF file and open it

Mail: Set up a mail account in Netscape6. The new account wizard is pretty self-explanatory. Assuming the default profile location is used (NT location is slightly different than Win98), it will set up all the default mail folders in C:\...\Application Data\Mozilla\Users50\\...\Mail\\ You can always go to Edit -> Mail-News Account Settings and see the path name at the bottom of the Server Settings window. In Win Explorer, go to your 4.x profile Mail folder and copy the files that do NOT have a file extension on them, i.e. "Inbox". You do not need to copy the .snm files (Netscape 6 uses .msf files instead). If you have any subfolders folders in 4.x, you'll also need to copy the .sbd folders. Paste the copied files/folders into the ...\Users50\...\\ folder. If you copied any .sbd folders, go into these and delete any .snm files that were copied.

Q) I'm getting a "214-does not exist" or "NETSCP6 caused an invalid page fault in module XPCOM.DLL" error. What do I do?

A) Try running the Profile Manager from the Start menu first: Start -> Programs -> Netscape 6 -> Profile Manager. Go through the process of creating a profile, then try launching Netscape 6.

Q) How to I launch Netscape 6 automatically with a particular profile? I don't like having to choose each time.

A) Create a copy of the shortcut to Netscape 6 and modify the command line so that the target path (which points to netscp6.exe) is followed by -P then the name of the profile. For example, if Netscape 6 was installed into C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape 6\netscp6.exe your target would be changed to:

"C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape 6\netscp6.exe" -P profilename

Where "profilename" is obviously the name of the profile you want to launch with. The quotes are necessary around the full path th netscp6.exe if it contains spaces. The quotes do not surround the parameters afterwards (-P profilename). Note that these command-line parameters can be combined with any others you'd like to use.

Q) Where is [such'n'such-missing-feature]? Netscape 4.x had it!

A) Netscape 6.0 was rewritten from the ground up, and is a totally new browser not based upon 4.x. In order to release it by the end of 2000, Netscape marketing (not necessarily the developers) chose to draw the line and some extra features just did not make it in in time. Rest assured you will eventually be seeing them, but marketing decided that the time had come to get SOMETHING out the door, even if not every single feature one would want was in it yet.

Q) Netscape 6 looks ugly! Netscape 4.x was just fine!

A) Netscape 6 allows you to change "themes", making it look however you want. It comes bundled with a "Classic" theme as well as the "Modern" theme. Go to View off the pulldown menu, choose "Apply Theme, and select "Classic". You can always change back, or download new themes at they are developed. Once again, the freedom of choice allow all to be happy.

Q) I can't get the Bookmarks tab to appear in My Sidebar

A) At the top of the Sidebar, click on the Tabs button, and click on Bookmarks to put a check by it. If it doesn't show up here as an option, choose "Customize Sidebar" instead. Under Available Tabs, expand the Recommended branch, click on Bookmarks to highlight it, then click on the [Add] button to add it to the "Tabs in My Sidebar" section. Click on [OK] when done.

Q) I can't drag bookmarks onto my bookmark list or Personal Toolbar. What gives?

A) This functionality wasn't completed in time for the 6.0 release. One way to get similar behavior is to have the Sidebar visible, go to the Bookmarks tab, then drag & drop your bookmarks here instead. You can also do all sorts of other bookmark reorganizing from this tab.

Q) I'm trying to install a plugin, and it won't see Netscape 6 as installed, and just sees Netscape 4.x. How do I get it to work?

A) This is because the plugin's install hasn't been designed to look for Netscape 6, but there is a way around it. You need to have 4.x installed. Let the plugin install into 4.x, then afterwards move the installed files in 4.x's plugins/ folder to the plugins/ folder of Netscape 6. For most plugins, this should then allow it to work.

For example, if you installed 4.x and 6.0 in the default directories, then the plugins folders are as follows:

4.x: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\Plugins
6.0: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape 6\Plugins

Please note that it is not a given that all plugins will work. For example, although the Macromedia Flash player appears to work, the Shockwave player has problems (see here for a statement from Macromedia). Also, I have not gotten Windows Media Player to run even after copying over the proper plugin files. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next release.

Q) I just downloaded Mozilla and it is so much better than Netscape 6. I thought NS6 was based upon Mozilla? What gives?

A) Netscape 6 is based upon Mozilla, but it's based upon the way Mozilla was at the beginning of November 2000. At that point, Netscape took a "snapshot" of Mozilla and turned it into Netscape 6.0. Due to the impending release, only the fixes considered critical and safe were applied to NS6, while development on Mozilla continued unabated. Development on Mozilla still continues at full-speed, even since NS6 has been released. So certainly, downloading a Mozilla "nightly" will give you the latest-and-greatest fixes and tweaks being made to the core code that was used by Netscape 6. You can expect that a future release of Netscape 6.x will use whatever is in Mozilla at that point.

Mozilla is the open source code browser that both Netscape and MSIE are based on. If you would like to learn more about Mozilla go to http://www.mozilla.org for all of the latest on this open source browser.



Netscape 6 Tips: Webmail

With Netscape 6, mail is now integrated into your browser, so you have access to your sidebars and other settings when reading your mail. To use WebMail in your browser:

  1. Click the small envelope icon in the lower left corner of your Netscape 6 browser.
  2. In the new window, choose Mail/New Account Settings from the Edit menu.
  3. Click the New Account button.
  4. In New Account Setup, select Netscape WebMail and click Next.
  5. Now enter your name and your WebMail email address and click Next.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the upper left corner of your browser, click on the Netscape WebMail arrow to reveal your Inbox. Click the Inbox to retrieve your mail.

Whenever you want to read WebMail within your browser, click on the envelope icon in the lower left corner.

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