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Selective Searches
Search engines to get your juices flowing. Of course search engines come and go. Others simply move but these are search specific sites to find that elusive thing your looking for. Of course if you want a home grows search engine that resides on your system and employs a variety of search engines then try the free version of Copernic

Google What other search engines want to be. Reliable!!!!
Facts in a Flash: As its name suggests, IWon is a portal where prize giveaways are the main attraction. Even so, it's got one feature that a serious info-junkie can love: Fact Finder.
The More Sources the Merrier: Metasearchers can search multiple engines with one query. They remain the best option when your favorite engine comes up clueless. I tried the newly revamped ProFusion, for example, when Google couldn't help me find a long-lost friend. ProFusion found a link to his home page from MSN, an engine I'd never have tried on my own.
Whereas ProFusion claims to scour 1000 information sources, Vivisimo collates links from a mere eight. But its user interface sorts links into folders for easy browsing. If you search for "scanners," for instance, you get separate folders for flatbed scanners, virus scanners, and police scanners.
Picture This: Again, Google takes the case in this department. Go to www.google.com and select the Image tab.

One of the few sites that focus on finding images, Diggit is new and innovative. Most strikingly, it analyzes images for similarities in color, shapes, and textures--so it can find photos that all show red pickup trucks or the Eiffel Tower. While the technology is ingenious, the results are erratic: When I searched for pictures of Abraham Lincoln, Diggit retrieved a bunch of Honest Abe images--plus shots of Tony Bennett and Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Ditto.com, an older image searcher, is less prone to drag images out of left field. On the other hand, it lacks Diggit's cornucopia of features, such as the ability to restrict searches to images of a certain size. So when I'm trolling for pictures, I'll hop between both sites. And I'll keep my eye out for other options. Hey, if you're not going to stick with one search engine, you might as well play the field.
Six: Sites for Office Suite Help
Bo's Office Index One & Two Tons of stuff on Microsoft Office from Word to Power Point
An unabashed full featured attempt at self promotionn [Sheepish Grin 8-]
About.com Desktop Publishing: The name doesn't say it all--this site also covers word processing and more.
Woody's Office Portal: The name doesn't say it all--this site also covers word processing and more
Office Update Microsoft's official Office site backs the suite with plentiful help and downloads (and relatively little promotional hype).
WordPerfect Universe An online community of WordPerfect aficionados, plus links to other resources.
David McRitchie's Excel Pages Number crunchers rejoice! Meaty articles and tutorials galore.

Maps and Stuff
If you are looking for people or where they live, Bohunky0 can help you find it with just a few known variable. Give it a try! This is a MapQuest enabled site. Go to MapQuest for all the latest.

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