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Free Card Games....Note: TAs on my freeware pages, every game on this page is free to download, free to use for ever. So, go ahead, feed the need, for more games for free! They are on other servers and I have no control over them. Be sure to use your virus scanner and make certain that your definition files are up to date.  As far as I know, all of these games are free of viruses. But you just never know. If you are going to err, let it be on the side of caution.
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123 Free Solitaire 2003 v5.11

Amuse yourself with these solitaire games, which feature attractive layouts, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and quality help. Each variation has more than 9 trillion possible games. You can play twelve different games, including FreeCell, Grandfather's Clock and Klondike. Download | Author: TreeCardGames

JRisk v2.0.9 [860k] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Risk game} Based on the classic strategic board game, Risk, JRisk is named thusly because it's a Java-based game. In this version, you can play with other players through the Internet or play by yourself against AI (artificial intelligence, a.k.a. your computer). You must specify a server and port number to connect to others to play the game. It's best to access the game through Start | Run, and then type "Command" or "CMD." Go to the directory where the .jar file is located, type "java -jar JRiskv2_0.9.jar" (sans quotes), and get ready to battle to free the world.

Paul's Blackjack v1.0 [4.3M] W98/2k/XP FREE


{Twenty-one}  This is a jazzy blackjack game where you can pick a character or customize the character's name, age, and country. Games can be saved and loaded. Play any one of five levels, from very easy to very hard. The dealer talks and when you get a few bad hands, I'm sure you'll be talking right back at the dealer. The only thing it doesn't have that I like is splitting cards (when you get two cards of the same number, you can split the hand and play two hands). Hit me!