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Welcome to Bohunky0's Gameware~Adventure

Free Adventure Games....As on my freeware pages, every game on this page is free to download, free to use for ever. So, go ahead, feed the need, for more games for free! They are on other servers and I have no control over them. Be sure to use your virus scanner and make certain that your definition files are up to date.  As far as I know, all of these games are free of viruses. But you just never know. If you are going to err, let it be on the side of caution.
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Classic platformer games, like Donkey Kong, presume a certain expectation of normalcy. We're able to suspend our disbelief that a giant ape would have the werewithal to roll barrels down a construction site as a weapon, but the player understands that Mario has to follow the normal laws of physics, and not fall off a ledge, or he'll be killed. Not so with Gish, where you control a semi-gelatinous black blob which has the power to roll across surfaces, and fling itself at (and stick to) objects. You maneuver your blobby self through increasingly difficult levels where you're required to climb slopes and use your momentum and sticky powers to roll or bounce to the goal.

Author: Chronic Logic
Operating System(s):Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 9.x
[Download from PCWorld]

Highway Pursuit [3.32M] Win9x/2k/XP FREEClick here to enlarge!


Have you ever wished that you had a car that was equipped with firepower like in the James Bond movies? Well, your dream has come true! No, don't go running to your driveway in expectation of a fancy schmancy car, but instead, sit down at your computer and download Highway Pursuit. It's a free automotive combat game that has the feel of several classic arcade games.

Your goal is to eliminate the enemy agents who are trying to take control of the road, while at the same time protecting the civilian vehicles that are scattered all over the highway. The good news is that you won't be empty handed in this mission. Your car is equipped with a machine gun, and you can receive weapon upgrades along the way. You'll also run into a variety of enemy vehicles and weather conditions. The graphics, sound effects, and music are much better than you would expect in an arcade style game such as this. Highway Pursuit is a well-developed game that will probably provide some amusement. Just so you know, playing this game does not actually make you James Bond. Calm down - Pierce Brosnan is not stealing your job.

aXiebel 2004 v1.0 [2.5M] Win98/2k/XP FREE


The game for people who don't like games!

aXiebal 2004 is a unique game whose object is to navigate a little ball to collect all the available flags, all the while avoiding assorted dangers. Now the graphics are pretty cool and the music really seems to accent it nicely enough, but what (to me) really makes this a non-typical game is that it is a really a matter of logic required to solve the game's various levels. Sure, a little dexterity is important, but it also requires a bit of problem solving and strategy. This is one of those games that will keep even the non-gamer captivated.

Tetrix v1.91 [5.6M] W9x/2K/XP FREE


{Fancy Tetris game} This 32-bit graphics Tetris-like game comes with options to change almost everything about it and you can download a theme or create one using the built-in theme maker. The game has three modes: 1 player, 2 player, and Internet. In Internet mode, up to six players can play simultaneously and chat. One person hosts a server while the others join by connecting. Add or change sounds using MP3, OGG, ASF, MOD, MIDI, WAV, and other sound files. Tetrix comes with an animated background and blocks as well as support for alpha blending and masked sprites. Specials is one of its unique features, which increases the competitiveness of the game by allowing you to change the game board or perform an effect on yourself or your opponent. This old game has learned a few new and clever tricks!

Advanced Strategic Command v1.13.8.0 [7.9M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Strategic game} ASC is a turn-based strategy game designed in the tradition of the Bluebyte's Battle Isle series, which hasn't been updated in over two years. This one is original, in that you can play a game via e-mail. Check out the map database on the Web site for downloading and adding to the game. Just input your preferences and it retrieves related maps. Note that some antivirus programs report that ASC is infected with the W32/CTX virus. ASC is NOT infected with any virus; this is a false alarm. I have two virus programs running and neither went off. Unless you're familiar with this kind of game, it'll prove to be a challenge to understand, as the documentation isn't clear for a newbie

Soccar v0.5.2 [3.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Soccer (football for everyone outside of the US) and cars} Before installing the game, be sure to install the required software of OGRE, ODE, or ENET. The casual computer user may have trouble installing the required software. This is NOT a healthy game for a person with vertigo to play, but 3D and soccer lovers will get a kick out of this one. Play alone or with friends over the Internet or LAN. I think I'll sit on the sidelines and let you tell me how the game is going.

NJam v0.96 [1.8M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Pac-Man like game} This is not your father's Pac-Man (or yours, if you're my age). The mazes are different and you can duke it out with another player. It comes with customizable skins and command-line options. Read the online help file for all the details. This game is yummy... literally. Njam means "yummy" in Serbian. When downloading the file, be sure to download the correct one - not the BeOS (for Linux) one that I downloaded by accident while in a post-surgery stupor. I played once and died quickly, simply because I'm still dealing with vertigo from the surgery. If you're not from the Pac-Man generation, give it a try, as it was one of the most addicting games from the '80s.

MegaMek v0.29.0.1 [4.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{BattleTech clone} MegaMek is a networked Java clone of BattleTech, a turn-based sci-fi board game for two or more players. Players can fight with tanks, giant robots, and infantry using a hex-based map. You can host a game or join a hosted game. I can't say how good it is, since I've never played BattleTech or similar games. One player hosts a game and the rest of the players connect. The connecting players can connect from anywhere with a TCP/IP connection to the host, including the same computer. The site has forums for discussion and links to game-related information.

Omnihedron v1.0b4 [1.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{RPG tables} RPG fans will appreciate this utility, which automatically handles the rolling of tables, sub-tables, and re-rolling. When I tried it out, I was overwhelmed with all the results from rolling the dice. The program comes with lists, but you can also download third party lists. Those who want to create their own tables to match campaigns can use a text editor with Omnihedron's XML standards to make such tables.

Castle Infinity


{Multi-player adventure game for ages 8 to 14} Before you dig in, sign up for a game name per the instructions, download and install the file, and read the handbook. Castle Infinity is an action-packed, colorful game environment where you can chat with other players, fight monsters, and earn all kinds of points and scores. The rules encourage players not to use real names and not agree to meet players in person for the players' sakes. Though the world of infinitoids is targeted to pre-tweens and tweens, adults would like playing it. It takes practice to get familiar with the game and its moves, but players are encouraged to guide new players to gain points. After receiving a game name, run the game and enter the game name and password. As soon as I arrived in the castle, AV came to my rescue and spent a long afternoon guiding and introducing me to the new world and game play.

The Mystery of Time and Space


{Adventure game} This one sucked me right in as I played all 12 levels of this adventure game. It's all mousework, which keeps it simple while you work your way through the levels picking up objects, using them, dealing with a ton of locked objects, and solving puzzles. If you get stuck, there is a chat and a forum so you can get help from others. It's addicting, so be prepared to spend an afternoon playing the game. The game is saved. If you exit and go back in, it'll pick up where you left off. I haven't finished an adventure game in years, and this is a good one for busy people who enjoy puzzles but have little time to devote to lengthy adventure games. One thing I didn't learn until the game was over was that you can move your mouse to the right-hand corner to get a help menu. It doesn't help with the game play, really, except you'll know what level you're on.

Open Zelda


{Zelda 3 Game engine} Welcome to OZ! Open Zelda, that is... not "The Wizard of." It's a game engine for playing Zelda 3 types of games, known as quests. The Quest Designer is an editor for creating quests. The community-style site has tutorials, scripts and code snippets, music, sprites, and others' quests. To download OZ and the editor, go to the Downloads page. To download everything else, click on the item of interest and then click the download icon next to "expand/comment." In spirit of community, there are forums and a mailing list. Fans of the game won't be disappointed, and those who crave more can explore the links page.

Ta-Ta Mahatta v1.02 [36.5M] W98/2k/XP


{3D game} The download file is a biggie, but this is a full- fledged game with quality graphics. The Ta-Tas (drop the jokes, this is a G-rated game) work to quash the Fungi infestation that has hit their land. Each Ta-Ta has its own strengths, which help the player to overcome obstacles in each level. Move to the next level by meeting the goals for the current level until all the levels are completed. The no-good Fungi Colony has seized the Ta- Ta land and has ruined the beautiful blueberries and flowers. The Web site has a story and thorough descriptions of the cuddly characters. It requires having DirectX 9 installed (which I thought I did). If you're not sure, install the program and run it. If a DLL error pops up, then install DirectX 9. The tutorial is excellent and helps you get familiar with the cute game. Ta-ta for now!

ParaShooter 3D Deluxe v1.0 [30.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Protect home base game} Remember the game Paratrooper? Addicts of the 1982 game - including me - can get a taste of it again with this one, which is based on the classic. ParaShooter comes with four weapon types, five enemy types, 20 levels, and six bosses (huge plane or helicopter) to support efforts to destroy enemy aircrafts and paratroopers. Watch out for the paratroopers! If enough of them make it to the ground, they can destroy your weapon. When starting the game, it may look like something is wrong with the monitor, but there isn't. Give it time to load. The options screen appears first and then the game loads where you select the gun, stage, and level. The graphics enhance the game, as you feel like you're there in the field.

Progress Quest v6.1 [322k] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Role-playing game} You can play Progress Quest as a single player or play against others. The background of the story is given on the INFO page. Getting started is easy, even for an inexperienced player like me. Start by selecting the character, race, class, and name. Click Roll until you're satisfied with your character's strengths and weaknesses. I had one problem - I could not remember what the different stats stood for, such as DEX for "dexterity." The help file didn't provide this information. As soon as you're ready to start the adventure, click Sold and the game takes off. What's that about selling Girl Scout cookies? Note to players of an earlier version of Progress Quest: it's strongly recommended NOT to load games saved in the old version with this version, or vice- versa.

AutoREALM v1.21 [3.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE


{Fantasy role-playing mapper} Create your own realm with AutoREALM, a GNU mapping software (cartographer) for designing maps of castles, cities, and dungeons. Role-playing game fans and those interested can create their own maps and join the community to discuss maps, ideas, files, tips, hints, and questions. The program comes with a docking-style toolbar with menu icons and it features fractals, graph paper generation, old-fashioned chart navigation creation, views, grid snapping, file importing and exporting, and it supports French, German, and Japanese languages. AutoREALM is targeted to hobbyists.

FreeCraft v1.18 [8.1M] Windows FREE


{Real-time strategy gaming engine} Using FreeCraft's gaming engine, play a fantasy / strategy game against human opponents over LAN, Internet, or against the computer. The open source engine can be used to build C&C (Command & Conquer), WC2 (WarCraft2), SC (StarCraft) and AOE-like (Age of Empires) real- time strategy (RTS) games. It runs under Linux, BSD, BeOS, MacOS/X, MacOS/Darwin and MS Windows. Download the version with the FcMP (FreeCraft Media Project data files) version called freecraft-030311-win32-with-fcmp.exe. FreeCraft extracts the FcMP files so you can play the game. Follow the installation instructions as installing the game is different from typical games. When I installed it, I had to edit the build.bat file to change the directory from D to C, plus my build.bat file was not in the Tools subfolder. The help file consists of shortcuts and tips, but not a full-length help file document. Installing this isn't for the impatient, but fans of RTS will likely enjoy this one. (Note: No specific Windows compatibility information was indicated.)

Rockstar Classics Original [336M - no joke!] Windows FREE


{Grand Theft Auto game} In 1997, a band of developers released the original Grand Theft Auto to an unsuspecting public. The groundbreaking and non-linear urban crime game shook up a complacent game industry with its irreverent game play, humor and style - and a phenomenon was born. They are offering the original as the first in a recurring series of Rockstar PC game downloads for free. Yep, zero dollars. Zip yen. For those unfamiliar with the game's storyline, you are a common street thug whose job is to do what the crime bosses tell you to do, such as stealing cars and handling drug deals. If successful, you rise through the ranks of the organization, gain respect, and get tougher missions. Better to be a bad guy in a fictional computer game than in real life! To download the mega-sized file, you'll need to fill out the form. The game is intended for a mature audience (age recommendation varies by country). Note: No specific operating system compatibility is indicated, other than "Windows."

Law and Order the Game


{Game based on popular TV show} I'm trying to figure out how many Law and Order shows there are today and remember which character is on which show. It's tough getting it all straight, especially when characters come and go each season. Obviously, the series has a big following and has earned an online game in its name. This episode is titled "Dead on the Money" and stars actual characters Serena Southerlyn, Lennie Briscoe, and Anita Van Buren. In this 3D game, the crime scene is in New York's Central Park where you and Lennie need to find out the victim's identity, collect evidence, find witnesses, and identify suspects. After you gather enough information to make the case without breaking any laws, make the arrest and turn the case over to ADA (Assistant District Attorney) Southerlyn for making the case to convict the defendant. Those who don't get the show in their country or even watch the show can still enjoy the game if they like a good mystery and challenge. Just remember, here in the US, we must always read the rights to the suspect upon arrest or the case will get thrown out. FYI - if you have pop-ups turned on, you'll need to keep them on to play the game.


Some of the best games combine adventure and action, like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. Fiend is a free horror adventure game inspired by the writings of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. In Fiend, you guide your character through the adventure by investigating different locations, reading books in the library, talking to various people, finding equipment and more. Warning: This game contains strong scenes of animated violence and language. Suitable for mature audiences only

  | Version: 1.0   | Price: Free   | Author: FiendTeam | Download   from PcWorld |

Tranquility v5.10 [10.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE
The basic object of the game is to fly through time and space searching for "spinners" that transport you to the next level. It
doesn't take quick reflexes or an itchy trigger finger, it takes a sound mind and calm nerves. http://tqworld.com/

WarHeads SE v1.40d
After a while, you're liable to need a break from white-knuckled, machine-gun-firing, heart-pounding action games. Violence isn't all about gore, after all; some of it actually requires intelligence. That, anyway, is the premise of Warheads, which requires you to work carefully with gravitational forces. The game pits you against gravity, where you win by simply picking an angle and power, then firing your weapon to hit your target. The "action" takes place on many planets, each with its own gravity level. You have to be careful to not accidentally destroy yourself, though. If you need more of a challenge, you can also play against online opponents.
Author: Retro64 | Version: 1.40d | File Size: 3778KB | Price: Free
Operating System(s): Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT

3D Secret Mission: Abandoned Island 

Rather than solving the mystery of a plague that's spreading throughout the universe, don't you sometimes just want to get in a spaceship and blast something? 3D Secret Mission: Abandoned Island places you in a machine-gun-toting craft to exterminate a breed of gigantic killer wasps. You fly around the island, hunting the wasps while looking for three capsules that will allow you to fly over the water and escape the island. One of the capsules is conveniently located in the wasps' hive. A supply aircraft has dropped rockets and other supplies throughout the island for your use.
Version: 1.0 
Price: Free 
Download 3D Secret Mission: Abandoned Island now at:

Dirt Bike 3D

Now you can perform two-wheelin' stunts without breaking a leg. Dirt Bike puts you behind the handlebars of a racer, challenging other riders over various terrains. You design the bike and control the throttle, shifting and steering to compete against other players, computer-controlled bikes, and previous high scores. You can even play against opponents across platforms.

To control the bike, you use the X and Z keys to upshift and downshift, respectively. (There is also an option for the computer to automatically shift the bike for you.) You move the mouse from side to
side to steer. You can challenge human opponents over a network, or challenge the computer.
Version: 1.5 
Price: Free 
Download Dirt Bike 3D now at: 

3D Secret Mission: Abandoned Island 1.0 5.9MB
With this shoot em up game you take charge of a 3d ship, you have to fly around blowing up your enemies. Graphically it's not too bad the speed of the game is quite good and the explosions are good too. One point worth noting is that upon installing the game it asks your details and wants to set your browser to their homepage

AEvil 1.0 500K - Aevil is similar to the classic Duck Hunt but you have to shoot zombies instead of ducks. It's not a bad game overall, a bit gory but not that bad and a little short even with the bonus level. Try to shoot the scenery as well as the zombies for extra carnage points.

AT-Robots 2.10 257K - Advanced T-Robots is a game which players write programs to control robots to do battle to the death in a simulated arena. Click here for the AT Robots web site. Visit the site it has loads of resources for programming the robots.

Blair Witch Bomberman 1.8 825K - A game based on the classic Bomberman series. A game for up to 4 players at once but you must have at least 2 players to play. The game is simple to pick up and there are quite a few levels to have a go at.

Bugworld 1.0 58.8K - Bugworld is a maze game, you have to move around the various mazes collecting the keys to open up other parts of the current maze you are in. Power ups are available to pick up giving more life energy and more amoo to blast the bugs with.

Cosmo Dragon 1.0 232K - Vertically scrolling shoot em up with plenty of power ups to pick up. Enemies include asteroids and ships that fire back at you. At 232K it has to be worth the download.

Cubemaster 2000 1.0 1.3MB - Cubemaster 2000 is a Tetris Game of high quality. The levels speed up although they are quite slow to begin with but they do get quite fast as the game moves along. Worth the download and gaming time.

Virtual U v2.0 [19.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE
You may have been a student at one time or another, but do you have what it takes to actually run a university? You'll have to find out by downloading this awesome sim. Will your university flourish, or will you be fired for not keeping it afloat?

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