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AVG Anti-Virus Cahoots Clean System Directory clsysd.zip
Comctl32.dll Eudora v4.3 GuruNet IrfanView
Microsoft Intellipoint Update NetNak v5.1.0   NoteTab Light v 4.80
OptOut   PowerArchiver PowerDesk Utilities
Power User Pack Steve Gibson's TIP.EXE Tweak Revisited xqxset55.zip
xqxset55.zip xqxset55.zip

Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 need not be a mystery to
you. Unlock some of the tweaks that can otherwise be done only from the
system Registry. By using xqxset55.zip you don't have to know a lick of
system configuration. Now all of us can make Windows work the way we
do. Perhaps even play better as well! 

Xteq X-Setup Customize your Windows environment with this utility, 
which lets you create various tweaks. You can enhance the performance
of desktop applications, personalize icons, edit boot options, and stop
programs from automatically loading. It includes 17 wizards to help you
create tweaks quickly and easily. 

File Facts
2.93 MB 
10 minutes 
based on 56 kilobits per second 
Author:  Xteq Systems 
Version:  5.5 
Operating System:  Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 
Type:  Free 
Upload Date:  11/15/99

Eudora v4.3

The popular email client's expected effectiveness in dealing with multiple mailboxes, address books, and accounts is all here, along with a lot of additional messaging power. You'll find HTML 
text formatting for fancy message layouts and stationery, URL recognition, as well as inline images and support for file attachments. Eudora's time-tested interface will help newcomers to get started quickly, and old-timers will feel right at home. 

Eudora for Windows. With this new release, Qualcomm has changed the way you register and use the program. Three options in one package are now available. You can use it as the familiar free email client (with some functional limitations but still very useful), you can choose to pay for the program (enabling all functions), or you can select an option that lets you use all the functions of Eudora in exchange for viewing advertisements while using it 

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, or NT

AVG Anti-Virus provides excellent protection against computer
viruses. This free program includes fine documentation and is a strong
all-around contender in the field of anti-virus utilities. It runs constantly
in the background, checking files and removable disks before you
access them. You can also run complete disk scans manually or by
using the built-in scheduler. In addition to scanning your boot sector,
memory, and files for known viruses (including macro viruses), AVG
Anti-Virus employs heuristic analysis to detect unknown viruses,
worms, and Trojan horses. It offers special support for Microsoft
Exchange and Outlook. Also has automatic updates online. 

Compressed Size 
4,672,000 bytes 

Version Number 

System Requirements 
Windows 95, 98, or NT 

Tweak Revisited Tweak Revisited is an interesting and free tool that's intended as a
companion to Microsoft's TweakUI Control Panel applet. It's a snap to
use, and extends your ability to customize your desktop. It doesn't address
any of the tweaks that are offered by that very popular utility, but instead
adds several of its own. Use it to change Windows splash screens,
registered owner information, and the Internet Explorer title bar caption.
You can change many of the standard Windows desktop icons, change
icons for individual folders, change the display size for desktop icons,
and view bitmap icons as miniature file images. Tweak Revisited also
allows you to apply some useful context-menu tweaks. Other features
include the removal of temp files and cookies, as well as a cookie
manager for Internet Explorer. 

Compressed Size
668,477 bytes 
System Requirements
Windows 95 or Windows 98 

Purchase Information

Microsoft Intellipoint Update This driver enables you to scroll with the IntelliMouse wheel in 
Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0 applications. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is free, and freely distributable, software
that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
With Acrobat Reader, you also can fill in and submit PDF forms online, as
well as download encrypted content from the Web and unlock it with Web
Buy. This Adobe technology is a fully integrated component of Adobe
Acrobat and Acrobat Reader (version 4.05, English only). 
Version: 4.05
File Size: 5.41 MB 

 Approx. Download Times:
   At 56k: 16 min 50 sec 
   At 28k: 32 min 50 sec 
   At 14k: 1 hr 5 min 

GuruNet v1.0.2.58
GuruNet is a free one-click information service that works when you're on
the Internet. When the GuruNet application is active (it's based in your
system tray), just hold down the Alt key and click on a word in any
Windows document. GuruNet springs into action and pops up a window
that quickly analyzes the word in context using its Web-based dictionary,
thesaurus, and encyclopedia. GuruNet might also show you Internet links
that have already been associated with that word, let you search the Web
for more information, or display real-time data such as news, sports,
weather, or stock quotes. It's really quite amazing to see it do its magic.
GuruNet is a great alternative to search pages or traditional reference
sources and is bound to find a permanent home in many system trays
around the world 

Some users of Pentium 100's with less than 48 MB of ram have reported
marked system problems. In most cases GuruNet seems to slow these
systems drastically. Myself included.

Size: 773.61  KB 
Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later and Windows 95, 98, or NT
Purchase Information: Free

PixScan2000 Use PixScan 2000 to find and eliminate duplicate graphics files from
your computer. It can process all .bmp, .gif, or .jpg graphic files in a
specified path and find duplicates regardless of their file names. You can
confine the scan to a single folder or choose to process subfolders as well.
Each time it finds a duplicate, PixScan 2000 prompts you to delete the file.
If you'd rather, you can have it delete duplicates automatically. The
program offers logging support and also includes an option to view the
image files during the scan. It's fast, easy to use, and best of all -- free . 

Company Clayton Whisman and Glenn Hopson
Size:2.14  MB 
Requirements:Windows 95, 98, or NT
Purchase Information: Free

PowerDesk Utilities contains a stack of must-have features. It
centers on PowerDesk, a powerful file manager that is everything the
Windows Explorer should have been and then some. File manipulation is a
snap, using multiple drive or folder views. A fully-integrated archive
manager handles every major compression format with great support for
zip files, including automatic spanning of outsized files over multiple disks.
File viewing is another highlight, with built-in support for more than 80
formats; you can also convert between any of 24 graphics file formats, with
the option of batch conversion. A supercharged File Finder offers enhanced
features such as Boolean search operators, multiple disk searches and text
content searches. You'll also enjoy fast email attachment decoding and
encoding, customizable toolbars, the option to delete deleting files
permanently, encryption/decryption, directory comparison and
synchronization, enhanced open and save dialogs -- and a lot more.
PowerDesk Utilities is a must-try for every Windows user. This version
has not yet been reviewed. 

Company:Mijenix/Ontrack Corporation 
Size:1.16  MB 
Requirements:Windows 98 and Windows 9x, NT, or 2000 
Purchase Information:Free

OptOut Internet Privacy: 

Steve Gibson's OptOut?
Several weeks ago a scare swept through the Internet community regarding
alleged Internet "spying" being done by a very popular advertising system
known as "Aureate" (now renamed to "Radiate".) Since the Aureate system is
"carried" into the user's PC by more than 400 popular freeware programs (lik
Go!Zilla, GetRight, CuteFTP, and others), and is currently installed and
running in over TWENTY-TWO MILLION PC's!!, the threat that this
software was "spying" on its users was of great and immediate concern. Click
here to learn more and to see some screenshots. Because I do not want to
be parranoid alone. Of course being parranoid is a good thing to be
when the whole world is against you! 

File info:
File Size: 31 kb needs no decompression software

NetNak v5.1.0
If you connect to the internet on an hourly bases, this freeware is for

NetNak is a small system-tray utility that graphically displays the data transfer
rate of your modem. This ad-sponsored software is attractive, easy to use,
and best of all -- free. You see real-time graphs and text for both sent and
received data. If you wish, you can set the display to dock to the top or
of your screen. You can also set it to display only when an active connection
is detected, and to autohide -- much like the Windows taskbar. NetNak
provides a separate display that shows online time as well as accumulated
statistics (hourly, daily, monthly, or just the last 5 minutes) Other features
include custom warnings and an automatic disconnect feature. 

Company: Complete Software Solutions (NZ) 
Version: 5.1.0 
Size: 825.07 KB 
Requirements: Windows 95, 98, or NT 
Purchase Information: Free 

Click here to download

PowerArchiver Use PowerArchiverto manage all your compressed archives.It's
versatile, powerful, easy to use, and the price is simply unbeatable. ,
PowerArchiveri is a full-featured ZIP program provides the power you
need , to do anything you can imagine with ZIP files. The attractive interface ,
provides Explorer-style view options, individual file extraction and viewing, ,
comment support, archive testing, and more. You can easily create ,
multiple-disk and self-extracting archives. PowerArchiver also offers full,
support for .cab, .lha (.lhz), .tar, .gz, and .bh compressed archives and ,
limited support (view and extract-only) for .arj, .ace, .arc, .rar, .xxe, .uue,
and .zoo, archive formats. Search support, variable compression, virus ,
scanner integration, built-in file viewers, archive conversion, and a ,
user-defined startup folder are also among the available features. Powerful ,
shell integration features include on-the-fly ZIP file creation, email support, ,
and more. 

Version: 5.1 
Size: 1.65 MB 
Requirements: Windows 95, 98, or NT 
Purchase Information: Free

Comctl32.dll Comctl32.dll This Dynamic Link Library file is installed by many ,
applications. The latest version offers improved stability on
Windows 95, 98, and NT, and addresses known Year 2000 issues.  ,

Author: Microsoft
File size: 437.3 KB 
Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows 9.x 
Type: Free
IrfanView The best things in life are free, and here's one of them. 
IrfanViewis a fast and powerful image viewer and multimedia 
player that just so happens to be gratis for non-commercial 
use. It supports most popular graphics formats, including 
multiple image icons, animated .gif files, and multipage .tif 
files. It also lets you play audio CDs and .mid, .rmi, .mov, .avi, 
.mpg, .wav, and .aif files. Its impressive feature set includes 
thumbnail creation, drag-and-drop support, fast directory 
viewing, a slideshow mode, batch conversion, screen 
capturing, cutting/cropping, image effects, and more -- and it's 
all packaged in a small .exe file that requires no .dlls or 
runtime libraries. Plus, the main window doesn't take up much 
desktop space. Download this freeware gem today and see if 
it doesn't become one of your most-used programs. 

Company: Irfan Skiljan 
Version: 3.15 
Size: 490.17 KB 
Requirements: Windows 9x, NT, or 2000 
Purchase Information: Free

Power User Pack Power User Pack is a suite of seven well-done Internet search 
utilities from FerretSoft: WebFerret, EmailFerret, FileFerret, 
InfoFerret, IRCFerret, NewsFerret, and PhoneFerret. Use them 
along with your Internet connection to search for general info, 
Web pages, newgroups, files, phone numbers, email 
addresses, and chat groups. Results are displayed in 
sortable lists. Each Ferret is added to the Find option in the 
Windows 9x Start menu for easy access; desktop shortcuts 
may be installed as well. All seven programs are easy to use, 
offer several options, and -- thanks to banner ads -- are free. 
The setup program lets you install just the ones you want. Or, 
you can download each individually from our library. 

Company: FerretSoft LLC 
Size: 4.27 MB 
Requirements: Windows 95, 98, or NT 
Purchase Information: Free

Clean System Directory Clean System Directory
This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files
in your Windows system directory. If you have DLL files that have no
programs calling them, you can take them out of the system
directory and delete them, saving disk space and improving system

Author:Kevin Solway 
Operating System:  Windows 3.x, Windows 2000, Windows 9.x
72 KB 
14 seconds 
based on 56 kilobits per second

WebFerret WebFerret provides a handy and efficient way to find information on the
Web. Enter your search words and choose from four radio buttons: All
keywords, Any keyword, Exact phrase, or Boolean Expression. WebFerret
will use your Internet connection to check several popular search engines (Alta Vista, AOL NetFind, EuroSeek, Excite, GOTO, Infoseek, LookSmart,
Lycos, and Yahoo) and return the maximum amount of links you specify.
Other nice features let you specify the closeness of the match, remove
duplicates, and filter pornography and foul language. The results are returned
in a sortable list format, complete with tooltips that give you a little more
information about a site. Just double-click on a link to bring up your browser
and launch the page. WebFerret is fast, easy to use, and (thanks to banner
ads) free. 

Version 3.0100 
Size:736.77  KB 
Requirements:Windows 95, 98, or NT
Purchase Information:Free

Cahoots Meet and talk to others on the Net, privately, in groups, or
one-to-one, via real-time voice or text. 
The days of face to face
conversations with friends and family are not over but anyone with a
computer knows, conversing in person happens less often these days
A brand new product called Cahoots is here to make conversation across
the Internet a bit more personal. Keeping in touch with friends, family,
business partners or clients can be done live, in real-time, for FREE.  ,

Using Cahoots, visitors to any site on the Web can meet and talk to each ,
other and to Website personnel, live and in person. They can converse ,
publicly or privately, in groups or one-to-one, via real-time voice or text. ,
They , can send each other instant messages, and leave notes for each other
in site-specific Info Centers. Users can make free voice calls to friends, family
or colleagues worldwide. Cahoots baseline capabilities are deployed ,
automatically at all Websites and are free to users and site owners. This ,
version has not yet been reviewed.  ,
Company: Cahoots 
Size:2.12  MB 
Requirements:Windows 9x, NT, or 2000 
Purchase Information:Free

Steve Gibson's TIP . TIP can detect and diagnose the early signs of Iomega drive
"Click of Death" and can warn you when it's no longer safe to use an