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This month's featured freeware: System Safe Gold

System Safe Gold Goes Platinum
April 26, 2002   |    The Review     |    Comments     |    The Verdict     |   Didn't Like     |    Liked

We reviewed System Safe Gold a few years back and found that it deserved it's place on these featured freeware pages. Every once and a while a truly worthy product comes along that, dare I say it?...Deserves to be a pay for play but we get it for free. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't let this get out, if the authors of this stuff knew about it, well, it wouldn't be the end of the free world, but the world would definitely suffer.

When we tested System Safe Gold, under the advise of reader Brian (Brian also has a featured freeware page, click here to see what's new from Brian's Corner of the Web) we had been testing backup and storage freeware with, well...lets just say varied results. Okay, okay, it all stunk! Then along comes Brian ranting and raving about System Safe Gold like it was the new Messiah. Brian is highly excitable. Of course, Brian, being a loyal member of the British Common Wealth, takes exception to me calling him excitable...stiff upper lip and all that. Exageration is a hall mark for a writer isn't it? But, I digress, I on the other hand had just spent an interesting week downloading, installing, praying, and uninstalling a host of freeware which, to say the least, left me saying words that my Pastor wouldn't appreciate. Yeah, better face up to it, most freeware is worth every penny you pay for it. But not the products on this page. We extensively test this stuff ourselves and most of it has stood the test of time and heavy usage.

Jim Sivage
The author of this software informs me that System Safe Gold will not help you combat the poor performance of Windows Xpect Pain OS. You see with Win XP backing up is simple enough, but if you have the home version (The Pro version goes without a hitch), restore might cause you to scream great obscenities toward the Redmond campus. See, Bo's With Windows XP, Home version, Backing Up is Hard to Do. However, for a little pocket change you can upgrade System Safe Gold to Stealth which makes backups of your XP system child's play.

For more information about System Safe Stealth, visit:
Stealth (Stealth is not Freeware) Keep in mind that many new programmers get their start in the software industry and hone their skills by producing small, handy, and free programs. This helps them develop the skills needed to produce programming in today's hectic software industries. Supporting freeware authors when they are ready to produce programs for marketing purposes also support the freeware you enjoy on this page. If you find K-Soft or System Safe Gold to your liking, why not support Jim and buy his more feature rich Stealth product.

You can also sign up for his newsletter and become a member of the Stealth community...that's free too. See also K-Soft another fine backup utility from the makers of System Safe Gold...it is also free!

Visit Gold Product Center
Freeware System Protection (Our Classic Application)

Get the latest version of Gold.   Here is the latest version…

Gold 6.01  Full Version   (1.66 MB)
-{ Download Site 1 }-  -{ Download Site 2 }-

Gold 6.01  Upgrade (543 kb)
-{ Download Site 1 }-  -{ Download Site 2 }-

The upgrade version only works when you have the full version 5.x or 6.0 already installed.  --Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME
Gold Screenshot

Download K-Soft Here   1.28 MB Click here to go to K-Soft's webpage. Another fine product from System Rescue

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K-Soft 2.0.1 is an easy to use system backup and utility which lets you backup your main system configuration files quickly.

System Safe Gold Review:

Though I program my own backup software and have so for years I found SSGold a welcome relief from those bloatware programs such as Norton Rescue, McAfee's Safe and Sound (McAfee Safe-N-Sound is anything but, of course that is another story). The program, though simplistic in design is relatively thorough, fast, and a pleasure to operate. SSGold also comes with a DOS Registry Recovery for those who no nothing of the DOS RegEdit shipped with Windows 98 - Me.. In the event that your system is acting up and prohibits you from booting into Windows, The Registry Core File is stored in C:\Windows\ folder in a file called DPM.exe.

The tool tips were fairly precise and consistent with established pre-governed rules of 32 bit program protocols. Geek Speak for words of wisdom in the about file [Click About Button].

On my old Win 98 SE machine the total files backed up were 1177 which included some of the most often neglected CPL and OCX files. A change in the size of a file or date of access did not trigger a skip feature in the software for files of the same attributes as the last time of the backup. It would be nice if the SSGold interface realized that file attribute which was the same, did not need to be backed up. This would cut down on the amount of time required to backup the system.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. The documentation is somewhat Spartan, but it is adequate and better than allot of freeware products which offer little to none.

The install guard log keeps you abreast of your last system scan and backup.

The Verdict? This is a definite must have.
Comments: If you have Win XP be sure to take a look at Stealth for your backup needs...but don't wait. Trust me, it is better to have a program and not use it then to need it and not have it. System Safe Gold is well worth the download. K-Soft is a small file but if you use the SSGold there really isn't a need to download the K-Soft freeware.

What we liked: Intuitive user interface, simple to use, easy to learn. Thoroughness of the files system saved procedure was more than expected. A DOS enabled environment for the system registry to aid in booting in the event of disaster. Easy to understand operation modes with some, options available.

What we didn't like: The documentation could be a little better, though it is better than some. Files are backed up in a sort of dumb mode. The interface doesn't seem to care if a file hasn't been changed in a long time. It would be better if attribs were better used.

Connection Keeper

Connection Keeper will simulate Internet activity at random intervals in order to prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from dropping your connection due to inactivity.  Connection Keeper can also automatically close those annoying popup windows.

  • Works with all versions of Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP.
  • Can be set to automatically dial-up if the connection is lost.
  • Can automatically close popup windows that ask the user if they want to stay online.
  • Can be minimized to the system tray so that it does not take up space on your taskbar.
  • Can run when you are not even connected to the Internet.  It will wait patiently until you connect before it does anything.
  • Uses very little of your computer's resources.
  • The interval at which Connection Keeper queries the ISP is adjustable, or it can be set to a random interval.
  • You can choose whether or not Connection Keeper requests a real or bogus URL.  You have full control over the real URL's that are queried.
  • The query that is sent to the ISP takes up almost no bandwidth.  You can run Connection Keeper in the background regardless of whether or not you are using the Internet without fear that your connection will be slowed down.
  • If you are a webmaster, Connection Keeper can be used to monitor your web site.  It will let you know if a page is not downloading properly.
  • Command line parameters can be used to close a popup window.
  • Command line parameters can be used to check for the existence of a file.  A message window will only appear if there is a problem.  This is useful for checking the status of your network when your computer boots up, for example.
  • Command line parameters can be used to download a web page and report any errors that occur.  This is useful for checking the status of your web site when your computer boots up, for example.

Click here to download version 5.0, released on March 7th, 2002. 670 KB
This file is a self-extracting archive; simply execute it and follow the installer's instructions.  The download is less than 1 MB and installation will use approximately 7 MB of hard disk space

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Try these freeware gems from PCWorld.com. Included are:
Freeware Gems: First-Rate Files You Haven't Heard Of :
Detect memory-hogging files, print your screen, and stop Web sites from changing your home page.
Click here to go to the site, but hurry, they won't be around long.

Three Free Production Suits, Easy Office, 602 Pro, and our favorite Open Office.
           OpenOffice gets programming kit
Bohunky0's Gameware
Brian's Featured Freeware - The British perspective
Big Fix - The BigFix Consumer Client can proactively reduce the number of problems that affect your computer. The BigFix Consumer Client automatically downloads and reads technical support information and alerts you if it applies to your PC and offers an automated fix.
DAP -Free Download Accelerator
Free Internet Tools
Free Online Software and Security Updates brought to you by C|Net and ZiffDavis:
Go to Bohunky0' Freeware from A-Z
Got MsOffice 97/98? Try these Word add-ons to boost productivity.
Check it out by clicking here.
Microsoft Office 97 Resourse Kit
Click here
Other freeware worth your attention
Other free stuff to fill your need
Pc PitStop - Rev up that ole computer of yours with these online tools and tests
Pop-Up Stopper
Privacy Aids
Steve Gibson's used to be OptOut page for information on
a CHI virus repair utility, and Spyware, A utility to test your Zip or Jaz drive, and much more
Oh yes, Steve has updated his ShieldsUp site, check them all out.
System Safe Gold - updated
TextShield 2000 vbuild 144 7-2001
Tweak UI 1.33 - Microsoft's latest Windows tweaking tool
Xnview - A powerful imaging application

Four Free Downloads to Help you keep private and keep your connection:

Internet Sweeper helps protect your privacy by cleaning out your Internet cache, killing cookies, getting rid of the list of Web sites you've visited, and more. (Free/Windows)

Connection Keeper keeps your Internet connection live, so that your ISP won't automatically disconnect you after a certain amount of time. If you do get disconnected, the program automatically redials and logs you back in. (Free/Windows)

Bandwidth Meter tells you the true speed of your Internet connection, and can also report on your average connection and download speeds over time. (Free/Windows)

SpyBlocker Many Web sites have ads that are distracting and a drain on bandwidth. Some sites send cookies and other files to your computer. Still others acquire information about you, your machine, and your browsing habits by using single-pixel Web bugs and other methods. SpyBlocker monitors this type of Web activity and allows users to control or block the ads and tracking systems. But SpyBlocker goes one step further. SpyBlocker strips ads out of ad-supported software, disabling the ad module and tracking capabilities without disabling the functionality of the program.

This update features minor enhancements and bug fixes.
Note: Windows 2000 users please follow the setup intructions in the readme.txt.
Company: SpyBlocker Software
Size: 1.89 MB
Requirements: Windows (all)

Downloads here:

Download Internet Sweeper
Download Connection Keeper
Download Bandwidth Meter
Download SpyBlocker

All of these fine downloads come to your from Ziff/Davish publishing. Want more? Check out ZDNet.com/Dowwnloads.

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PC Pitstop

Click here to test your PC!

Test your PC for all kinds of potential problems

Find it at: http://www.pcpitstop.com/default.asp


Free Online Software and Security Updates brought to you by C|Net and ZiffDavis:

Update Your PC!
Update Your PC!
Is Your Software Out-Of-Date?

Keeping your software updated has never been easier. Quickly generate
your personalized list of updates and upgrades for software installed on your PC.

New To Updates? Click here

Launch Software Updates Software
Launch Security FixesSecurity

  Scan your PC for any
  out-of-date software.
  Determine if your PC
  has security vulnerabilities.

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Pop-Up Stopper

Surf with style with this free browser pop-up stopping utility for Internet Explorer. This program is completely free, and does not require registration to use or download

Pop-Up Stopper™                              [ The Index ]

DAP 5.0 From SpeedBit

We are pleased to announce the release of the new DAP 5.0,
DAP 5.addresses many user requests and recommendations, and includes many improvements as listed below.

Get your Free DAP 5.0

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EAT SPAMSick of SPAM? Try one of these SPAM busting programs. Heck, try em all there're FREE!

EmC (Email Control) is a tool that checks for junk mail on your ISP's server and kills it before it ever reaches you. It comes with a set of spam filters, and you can add your own as well. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Spam Buster is a comprehensive spam-killing system. It comes with an address list of 15,000 known spammers and lets you add addresses and rules of your own. You can preview your mail before killing spam, launch your e-mail program automatically, check up to 12 different e-mail boxes for spam, and much more. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

PC Magazine's MailCall 2 isn't a pure spam-killer--you'll have to create your own spam filters if you want to use it to help eliminate spam. But it contains all kinds of other goodies, including letting you play customized .WAV files depending on the kind of mail you're receiving, and showing only the headers of messages. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Learn more about SPAM and how to deal with it at this Anti-SPAM site:

Mad As Hell
AnchorDesk Staff TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1997
How to Play Hardball With Spammers
AnchorDesk Staff

More ==========>                                                         [ The Index ]

AmiWeb Secure Browser for Kids! v2.0 [3.0M] W9x/NT/2k FREE


{Browser for babes} The Internet has a lot to offer kids, though there's a lot of stuff out there that children shouldn't see. Heck, there's a lot out there that adults shouldn't see, either. Bottom line? You need a browser for your youngsters (if you have any). Something that is limited only to "kid friendly" sites. As long as your munchkins stick to this colorful client, you shouldn't have to worry. They've got a team of experts who study these sites to make sure they're educational and (above all) appropriate for young surfers. Of course, taking them outside once in awhile isn't a bad idea, either. "The AmiWeb character guides your kids around the browser with voice, sounds and music!"

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 Datarecovery software!
                                            Easy Recovery from OnTrack

EasyRecovery - Not all types of data loss require the assistance of an engineer. Recover lost or inaccessible data quickly and easily with this do-it-yourself solution.

Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade Is Available, & IE Speakster

"This security upgrade for DUN in Windows 98 Second Edition adds the ability to encrypt dial-up and Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) traffic by using 128-bit keys. The DUN 1.4 upgrade for Windows 98 supports 128-bit encryption for both dial-up and PPTP connections and resolves situations in which PPTP connections would no longer transmit data. It includes all of the features from the earlier Windows 98 Security upgrade which strengthened password management and data encryption in PPTP connections. The DUN 1.4 upgrade provides additional features for the DUN components that were first introduced in Windows 95. DUN 1.4 features include PPTP client support, 128-bit encryption, support for internal ISDN adapters, multilink support, and connection-time scripting to automate non-standard login connections. The DUN 1.4 upgrade can be applied to any version of Windows 95."

IE Speakster
After hours of straining your eyes looking at your flickering monitor, you may be wanting some relief. This program gives it to you, in the form of a little blue Merlin-like character. This free add-on to users of Internet Explorer 4 or higher reads Web pages to you when you right-click and select IE Speakster. If you want only specific text read, you just highlight that portion. The character will vanish after the page is spoken, or when you right-click on the character and command it to stop. Download Now


Free Internet Tools
Click supports not accepted with these downloads. If you are using a download assistant such as Download Accelerator Plus, turn off clicks monitoring.


Download GuruNet Tired of hunting for information? Frustrated with irrelevant search results? Too much clicking? Too much waiting? For one-click answers, try GuruNet! GuruNet brings you relevant answers fast. It works inside any program, not just browsers, whenever you're online. Best of all, it's a simple pop-up window - no jumping out of your document or interrupting your train of thought. GuruNet automatically analyzes pointed-to text - in context - and pops up a simple window without linking or leaving your document. You don't even have to select the word. GuruNet has great reference information such as dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia and real-time information such as news, sports, weather and stock quotes. And there's lots more exciting content on the way! Not only that, it's free! Download GuruNet now - and have an expert by your side.

 Download It Now

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Tweak UI 1.33 Has finally Arrived!

Microsoft has released a new version of TweakUI that works with both Windows 2000 and Windows Me (as well as NT 4, Win 95 and 98).  You can download it here.   The directions for installation given at that site are wrong!   Download the file as they tell you to but what's downloaded is a self-extracting zip (made using WinZip!).  Run the exe, let it extract to the default Windows\Temp directory, shift to that directory, right click the tweakui.inf and pick install.

For those who don't know it, TweakUI is a wonderful set of tools for customizing various aspects of Windows - it even includes ways to customize the special Open dialog that Windows 2000 and Windows Me have.

These are the list of files that will be extracted:
Tweak UI is also available on my Freeware from A-Z site, in case you miss it here before it is gone.
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Or, how about:


Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2
Download Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools. The newest version of Internet Explorer includes improved support for DHTML and CSS, which gives Web architects greater control over browser appearance and behavior. Enjoy the ability to preview Web pages exactly as they appear when printed. Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2) makes it easier than ever to connect to the Internet and find the information you need. With Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2, you can use Connection Manager as your default dialer when Dial-Up Networking is already installed.

For more on MSIE 5.x click here

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TextShield 2000 vbuild 144 7-2001

Click on the picture to see an enlargement

If WordPad is too wimpy, but you don't feel like springing for a bulky word processor such as WordPerfect or MS Word, check out TextShield 2000. This nice freebie gives you many of the formatting features found in the "big boys" (including a spelling checker) and throws in a few surprises too, such as built-in file/folder navigation windows and ZIP-compatible compression. You can insert interactive links and shadowed text effects with ease; convert documents to HTML, rich text, and plain text; and open and edit multiple documents simultaneously.

Download Now  Be sure to get the upgrade and the plugin all together 3 files, 4 if you want different language dictionaries. Go to Index

Tired of using productions suits from the evil empire?
August 4, 2002

If you have been vexed and fed up with the new Bill Gatsian mantra of, "License our software today, tomorrow and next week. We are down on piracy and you can now be sure your legal with our premiere Office XP product activation". Bill is trumpeting product activation like it is something we all really, really, want. I don't want it nor do I trust it. Office XP is a dog, in my view, and Microsoft should be pleased that anyone wants it at all, product activation aside.

If you agree, then you may be interested in Open Office (51.7 Megabytes). This is the open source suit from OpenOffice.org. which has now come of age. Alternatively, the 602 Pro suite is a great second choice for a free applications suite. The bonus, not only is it free, but it is fully compatible with the big boys, conversions for Word Perfect and Microsoft Office without the hassle or huge price tag. See the Features list below.

It is also available in many different languages and many of the popular OS's. Linux, Mac Office X, and of course Windows.

Want to know more? Check out the screen shots below and note it even looks allot like Office. Just click on the image to see the full blown version,

These screenshots are taken on a computer. With SuSE 7.3. And KDE3.

Writer Thumbnail This is a shot of Writer, with the Navigator and Styles windows open
Calc Thumbnail This is a shot of Calc, showing the Navigator window and a graph
Impress Thumbnail This is a shot of Impress, with an OpenOffice.org Architecture Diagram

These shots were taken from OpenOffice.org638C (SuSE 7.2 Linux, KDE 2.2.1)

Writer Thumbnail This is a shot of Writer, with the Navigator and Styles windows open
Calc Thumbnail This is a shot of Calc, showing the Navigator window and a graph
Presenter Thumbnail Presenter, with the Styles window and the Presentation Helper Dialog

The following shots were sent to us by Alex Bongers, and show OpenOffice635 running on Windows.
Interesting to note is how similar the interface looks on Windows and Linux. Thanks Alex!

Writer635 Thumbnail This shot shows Writer635 on Windows
Calc Thumbnail Calc635 on Windows

Open Office Features - System Requirements

First, let's clear up some major misunderstandings:

OpenOffice.org 1.0 prints, saves to PDF (*) , has an online help, and does have a working spellchecker with many available dictionaries. Having said that, let's detail some of the major features:

(*) Under UNIX based systems where spadmin, the printers administration program, uses ghostscript, ps2pdf, etc.

The Entire Suite





Open Office Update:

OpenOffice gets programming kit
The OpenOffice.org group on Friday announced a kit that lets programmers build new modules for open-source alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite. The free software development kit lets programmers add features such as new spreadsheet calculation formulas. It includes program samples and a 900-page guide that describes components such as macro programs that automate word processing tasks and the standard interfaces that add-on modules can use to plug in to OpenOffice.org.
A C|Net.com Report | Read Full Story

Bo Note: While you do have options to order a CD-ROM of the suite, it is not from OpenOffice but from vendors. Each has their own ordering and payment policy. So, Bo's advise, if you can not download, study the CD-ROM sites carefully before placing an order...there may be some surprises if you aren't careful.

If you are having problems downloading, be sure to check out some of our freeware downloads from Bohunky0's Freeware From A-Z. Just click on the Web link above. I have found that Smart Downloads (Comes with Netscape), is a good viable option and worked very well for me. Another thing, if you are having problems downloading is to try a time when the Net isn't as busey as it is at peak hours. I found that Sundays and late evenings worked best.

If you have tried to download Open Office, and just can't seem to get it, try the

602 Pro suite:




Create simple documents, class papers, complex forms, mailing labels or even chart diagrams (Network topology, flowcharts) with ease! All the tools are available to you, from simple formatting options (bold, italic, shadow) to advance database tools (database connection, inserting merge fields).




Use the unique MagicText function to add a professional outlook in just a few seconds to your postcards, invitations, posters and other documents. Only MagicText allows you to have complete control of the text outlook!

The latest version of 602Text is enhanced with Office XP compatibility and multiple language support per document. Spelling checker for multiple languages is included with FREE registration (English US/UK, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

Make your computer read the document with the text-to-speech function included with the PC SUITE Plus add-on.


Next  1  2  3  4  Next
Download Now . More Info...


Honorable mention must go to Easy Office- More Info @ Site 27.7 MB - It does present you with a nag screen but it isn't all that intrusive and it is a small download. Don't expect Easy Office to support your word, excel or poperpoint macros. Also, if you have very large documents, don't even attempt to load them in Easy Office....if you require the above, then definitely go to Open Office and download the suite.

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Other freeware worth your attention

Would you like to see a list of all the books that have their entire contents published freely on the Web?

Then try "The OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection" (http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?33847:3802671 )
contains a searchable database of Web pages where publishers post the entire text of books available free to the public. You'll find links to more than 1,100 books in the following categories: computers, Internet, non-technical, scientific, and technical

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Word 97 add-ons: some of these add-ons can be found on the Bohunky0's Freeware from A-Z page.

This Word macro cleans up and reformats text imported from e-mail
messages and other ASCII text documents.  
Microsoft Word Viewer 97 
Word Viewer 97 lets you zoom in to view page outlines, page layouts,
footnotes, annotations, and headers and footers. Word Viewer 97
automatically configures itself as a Helper Application for Netscape
Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This lets you automatically
view Word documents that are linked to HTML pages. 
Microsoft Clip Gallery Buffer Overrun Vulnerability Patch 
Plug up a security hole that can occur if there's a buffer overrun,
and safely download clip art files. This patch prevents malicious .cil
files from deleting information on your hard drive.  
Avery Wizard 
This utility lets you print labels, dividers, name badges, and tags.
Avery Wizard merges Access, comma-delimited, dBase, Excel, FoxPro,
Paradox, and all other data formats supported by Word. Options let you
create a reusable list, use an existing list or database file, type
many different entries on a sheet, or create a sheet of identical
Enhanced Font List for Word 97 
Preview fonts before inserting them into your documents with this free
add-in. The program is installed on your Word formatting toolbar so
you can easily search for and select just the right font. A left-mouse
click will place the font in the area you've selected.  
WordWeb Thesaurus/Dictionary 
Try this powerful thesaurus and dictionary with almost any word
processor, or use it as a stand-alone tool. It displays synonyms and
common definitions, and it also presents antonyms, hypernyms,
hyponyms, meronyms, and holonyms. Look it up!   
Microsoft Office 97 SR-2b Patch 
This update includes dozens of patches and bug fixes. It updates
Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word (including the import converter for
Word 6 and Word 7). It also provides year 2000 fixes and support for
the euro currency.  
Office Converter Pack for Office 97 
Import or export more documents with this text and graphics converter.
Although the program is part of the Office 2000 Converter Pack, the
correct version of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint is detected during the
setup process.  

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An image viewer that supports over 150 graphics formats. Very similar to AcDSee in character. Features a browser pane, slide show, zoom levels, file conversions, even a hex viewer, and much, more.

Xnview supports a ton of Os formats as well, versions include one for Mac's, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and many more. Also a ton of versions supporting different languages. This one is worth a look and at 1.04 Mb it is a snap to download. You will need Winzip (Winzip is shareware, but very good), or a suitable compression utility that supports zip formats. You say you don't have one? Has Bohunky0 got a deal for you! Go to my Freeware from A-Z to grab one of several or grab them all, hey, there're FREE!
some of these that are worth your consideration are:
Free Zipper
New version of PKZip-This one is DOS based for all you DOS aficionados.
PowerArchiveri is a full-featured ZIP program provides the power you need , to do anything you can imagine with ZIP files

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