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So, what is going on with the Browser Wars?

What's going on with the Browser scene? What's new from the front?
Internet Explorer Tips & Tricks. Got Netscape 6.0? Then you need Bo's Netscape aid.
Also, while we are at it, check out Bo's Netscape Follies for problems you need to be aware of. Get Microsoft's Internet Explorer Teams Accessories for I.E. 5.5 Here
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Browser wars: Software empire pays high price
When Microsoft saw Netscape's browser as a threat to its future, the software giant poured billions of dollars into research, marketing and legal fees. Microsoft won the fabled browser wars, but was it it a Pyrrhic victory?
A ZDNet.com report

MSN Explorer Full and Final Release Has Arrived

MSN Explorer has finally been release in a 5 MB download. Think of MSN as My first Browser. It is great for those that are new to the net, those who can't quite seem to master Netscape 4.76 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5's quirks, or for the kids.

Those who use either Netscape or I.E. 5.5 will be horribly disappointed however. MSN is great if you like fluff or if you are a huge Gate's fan. MSN is a blatant attempt to take market shares away from AOL (New owners of Netscape, in case anyone is keeping score).Windowsmedia.com radio stations

MSn does have some good entertainment features, like its abillity to seemlessly migrate to Media Player 7.0 for videos, music and radio stations.


Be warned, check out, "Don't Touch that Beta", MSN Media Playerfor a glimpse into the strategy of the boys from Redmond.

Still, its only 5 MB about 16 minutes with a 56 K modem so why not check it out. Be aware however of MSN beta versions propensity toward being Melissa in slow motion. You can bet that there are still some left overs' from the beta versions.

Go ahead, might as well be brave and check it out.Download

If you screwed up and installed MSN Explorer, and lost Outlook access (i.e., POP3 capabilities) to your @msn.com email account, you can get the account back by following the instructions at


Internet Explorer 5.5 breaking Office 2000 Detect & Repair, and also IE 5.5 also breaks Outlook 98. Not that I recommend you run Outlook 98, mind you - there are easier and cheaper ways to lose your sanity - but if you're stuck with Outlook 98 and install IE 5.5, there's no way you can print graphics in any email you may receive that contains graphics (HTML email).

As a rule of thumb, if you are using Windows 2000 and/or Outlook 98, I suggest you skip installing I.E. 5.5. See Microsoft's Knowledgebase article Q279/1/77

The article states, quite simply (and I believe accurately) that the "Error 1931" bug only occurs on some systems, and not on others. Microsoft has a fix - a hot patch - for the bug, but they only recommend that folks install it if they absolutely need it, because it hasn't been fully tested on a wide variety of machines. The Knowledge Base article tells you how to contact Microsoft and ask for the patch - it is NOT available for download. The internal (Microsoft Eyes Only) version of that Knowledge Base article tells the whole story:

Anyway, I'll repeat my recommendation: if you're using IE 5.01 Service Pack 1 (see http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/download/ie501SP1.htm ), stick with it. IE 5.5 isn't worth the headaches: all it really offers is print preview, and you can live without that. On the other hand, if you have IE 5.5 installed and it's working fine, don't sweat it. Life's too short. In my experience, you won't have any problems, as long as Office 2000 Detect & Repair is working OK, and your machine hasn't gone up in flames so far.

If you have IE 5.5 and want to uninstall it, check out Ed Bott's detailed instructions at http://windows.about.com/compute/windows/library/weekly/aa092100a.htm . You folks who wrote in with problems concerning vgx.dll and unexplained BSDs (Blue Screens of Death) that are apparently tied to IE 5.5 should try Ed's approach.

Taken from WOW
Check out the WOW (Woody's Office Watch) archives:

Browsers are a window to the world. Be sure to keep your shades down!
Bo's words of wisdom.

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