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Mapping drive letters to local folders

Mapping drive letters to local foldersIf you could map a drive letter to a nested folder on your hard disk, then you could access nested subfolders in Windows XP just as easily as you can access shared folders on the network. 
Learn how to accomplish this task using the Subst command.

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Programs won't run?
Compatibility Mode
Find Your Driver Version (XP) Scheduling Disk Defragmenter in Windows XP
Cool My Computer Toolbar Open Your System Drive Quickly
Automatically Refresh File Lists in Explorer Quick Access to Programs
Using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility in Windows XP Regedit stays expanded
Obtain More Start Menu Space Do Your Network Folder Sharing Quickly and Easily
Logging on as Administrator 
A Simple But Useful Tip
Disable Error Reporting
Remove Old Restore Points Boot Defragging
Enabling Remote Desktop On Remote Computer Easily Manage Shared Folders
Windows XP Icon Cache Understanding Windows XP's environment variables
Create a Shortcut to Shut Down Windows-yes, there is more. Application and Boot file Defrag
Speed up Detailed view in Windows Explorer
A reader asks, "Can you bypass the Recycle Bin on just one drive"? Setting the Defaults
Web Publishing is a snap with Windows XP
Block the installation of unsigned drivers in Windows XP Creating a self-extracting installation with iexpress
Security Tip
If you feel you must log in as Administrator or some other relatively privileged user, it's still possible to force specific applications to run as a less-privileged user. Off site content.
Alter Windows XP's most frequently used programs list
How to enable verbose logging on a Windows XP-based computer - Link takes you to Microsoft's website
Change the Default *LOCK Keys
Deleting all of a certain file within a folder Compress the ServicePackFiles\i386 folder in Windows XP
Changing Default Save-As Image Type in Windows Uninstall Microsoft Java VM
Instantly create Restore Points in Windows XP Decrease Application Timeout Setting
Restore Missing System Files Creating an alternative New Folder command for Windows XP
Opening Data Files from CD in Certain Programs
Creating a Suspend mode shortcut for Windows XP Repairing Windows XP's Restore
Free tool for removing some of the $Ntuninstall folders Can I remove the Windows hotfix?
Eliminate the step of Compressing Files altogether with Disk Cleanup Shoot the Messenger By Author Steve Gibson
Create a SP2 slipstream CD:
Add detailed pop-up descriptions to folder icons in Windows XP Stop Saving Settings at System Logoff
Three Different Ways to Open Task Manager
Displaying the Security Tab in Windows XP Home Edition Creating a quick Windows XP SP2 slipstream CD
Make icons in windows appear quicker Faster Boot-Up without tons of fonts
Re-Install Windows XP Without Activation Application and Boot file Defrag
Installing The XP Fax Service (XP Pro/Home) Configure the Fax Service after you have installed it
What Version of Windows Am I using? Moving Files and Settings to a New PC
Speedy directory navigation at the Command Prompt Specifying Disk Cleanup configuration settings
In Windows XP Life's a Batch Create an Auto-Run CD
How can I write ISO files to CD? CD-RW & DVD Drive Not Auto-Playing? Try this tip....
Saving Windows XP Updates & Security Patches to Disk To Load to CD Add Fields to the Details View of Folders
Creating quick notes with WordPad scraps
Back up those Windows XP updates From FAT32 to NTFS
Put shortcut icons in an alternative place 
Out of site, out of mind
Can I remove the Windows hotfix?
How to add the Print Directory feature for folders in Windows XP KB321379] Change the product key on Windows XP
See Also:
A workaround to XP installs when the product key is missing
Installing Fonts in Windows XP Tabs on Task Manager Not Showing
Removing Orphaned Programs From The Add/Remove Programs List Windows Messenger Won't Play Nice With Adobe Acrobat Reader
Cannot Install Movie Maker 2 Use Group Policy editor to remove annoying XP pop-up text on Start menus
The Mystery of the Disappearing System Tray Icons How to add music to your Movie Maker 2 home movies
What is that program running at startup anyway?
When you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del
Removing files in the System Volume Information
How to disable Windows File Protection (WFP) Creating and organizing right click context menus
Windows pooched a partition on the setup?
Try this:
The Case of the Disappearing Desktop Items
XP/2000 Show all Windows Components in Add/Remove How do you know what you can safely disable, services-wise, in Windows XP?
Windows wants me to renew my password
What's up with that?
Rename loads of files at once
365 Windows XP tips, just one click away Correct File Isn't Installed When Chaining Multiple Hotfixes in WinNT/2K/XP - MSKB
Miscellaneous: Replace Lost, Broken, or Missing Microsoft Software or Hardware Unable to activate Windows XP
This is a Lockergnome Q&A
When Show Desktop....Won't! Making Folder and File Lists
How do I install Windows® 98/Me after I've installed XP? (without 3rd party software) - From Doug Knox Microsoft Windows MVP Running Both Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger 5.0 in Windows XP
What is the running service svchost.exe and why is it running at 25% to 35%? - Windows XP Pro & W2K Bo's Instant Tips:
Are the ZIP folders too slow for you? Disable it by unregistering the file zipfldr.dll.

regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll
Windows XP Baseline Security Analyzer
Got Windows XP? Sooner or later, most likely sooner, you are going to need a new driver for unsupported hardware or software. This resource from will give you a good starting place to look for it. This subject page contains useful links to driver information and resources and sites to help you find the right drivers for your computer. Bo's Instant Tips: Do you right click on My computer and then choose Properties to get to the internal workings of XP? Why not use this Win XP shortcut: Hold down the Windows Key on the keyboard, and then press Pause/Break. (WinKey + Pause)
General Q&A on File and Folder Sharing in Win XP Home version
AutoLogon In Windows XP Home Edition Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Windows File Protection -- A Boverview A Shortcut for jumping right into Properties
Rename Start Menu Items Is System File Checker Available in Win XP?
Well, Yes and No, let me explain.
Make Notepad the Default Program
Here's a tip for you admins - you can set Notepad to be the default program for unknown file types with this simple Registry hack
With Windows XP's default reliance on simple file sharing, the process got a little bit cloudier. This article clears up any confusion and shows you how to take more discrete control of sharing permissions. Also, check  out the recent discussion posts to this article!
Nix Grouped Taskbar Buttons
For the last word on Product Activation click here
The Mysterious Guest Are There More Details To My Files?
A Faster Way to Encrypt Your Files Microsoft Keyboard Commands
Set priority for individual programs HOW TO: Customize the Windows Explorer Views in Windows XP - MSKB Article
Clean out the MRU's and History Lists Make a launch file to connect to other documents on a burned CD
Encrypt Your Data to Keep It Safe Reactivate XP After Install
Change number of Windows before grouping occurs The disappearing cursor
Make your folder settings behave When Windows Update Center, Won't!
You Cannot Delete a File or Folder W2k/XP When Windows Update, Won't! Part Dou
If you have ever had the problem where Microsoft Movie Maker 2 stops responding when you try to save a large movie file, then the problem may be that the movie file size is larger than your available RAM. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 814836 outlines this issue and provides some possible workarounds. +`Another Can Not Connect To Windows Update Center Question
To display Quick Launch on the taskbar
What's the ˙ key for? "The Sims" and Windows XP
"The Sims" computer game was designed for Windows 98, therefore creating increased load times when using a Windows XP computer. Some people have noticed their load time has doubled, while others only a couple of minutes. Of course, adding a couple minutes to an already 10 minute load time is hardly desirable. Fortunately, there are a few different things you can try to fix increased load times with Windows XP. Resist the urge to try them all. One or two should do the trick. Not all of the solutions have worked for everyone. If one suggestion doesn't work, try another. It may be just the thing Windows XP needed.
Windows XP Updates
Move over I need more space! Clear your Hard Drive of clutter.
Fine-Tuning ClearType
The Remote Desktop
Creating a Zip Folder in Windows XP How to disable or enable Windows XP System Restore. - From Symantec Anti-Virus
Use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to import your files and settings How Do I Do a "Repair Installation"? - From Doug Knox Microsoft Windows MVP
How to Disable System Restore What Size is that Folder Anyway?
Understanding Chkdsk [Check Disk] Have Programs open without typing in your Administrative Password - But.....
List of Hotfixes Released After the Release of Windows XP (Q322389);
Windows XP PowerToys
Make use of the MsConfig Utility in Windows XP Turning Off CD AutoPlay in XP
With Win XP, Home Version", Backing Up Is Hard To Do!!! NTFS vs. FAT 32? Which is best?
Should I Convert to NTFS?
Uninstalling Windows XP
Ya know it's comming, might as well be prepared!
Win XP Shutdown Shortcut W2K Password work-a-round
There are Many Ways to Power Down the Windows Beast Grasshopper: The Mysterious Run Command Dialog and How to Use it
Simple Maintenance in Win XP The Briefcase & XP
So Bo, What the heck does the Defragmenter do anyway? Copy User Data to a New Profile in WinXP
Stop sending reports to Microsoft after a crash Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 810869 covers the possibilities as to why the Recycle Bin did not show up on your desktop or has disappeared in Windows XP - and the fixes for it, as well.
Dual Booting
Fighting OS-Level Fragmentation
Copy CD's Without the Read Only Attribute?
Confine the Use of Your Computer to Certain Hours: Quickly create multiple folders from the command prompt
Problem or Incompatible Programs or files in WXP Make use of the Windows XP Compatibility Mode  
DOS & XP      
Does XP do DOS? Well, yes n no. Run that older version DOS game in Windows XP
Create MS-DOS Startup Disk