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Windows XP SP-2, what you should know!

Your Next Gen OS, Code Named Longhorn

Still using Internet Explorer?
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Microsoft Internet Explorer Saving Images only as BMP NewIE Window Displays Blank White Page
I Know, we have this covered, but we have been getting a lot of email on this question.
Also, you may see errors like:
  • An error has occurred in this dialog.
  • Error 49: Interface not registered
Error Message in Outlook 2000
"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook." 
Click for MSKB Soulution
Expedite TCP/IP troubleshooting with this handy tool
Internet Explorer Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close
I Know, we have this covered, but we have been getting a lot of email on this question, so here it is again.
Outlook Express Keyboard Shortcuts List
How can you speed up Internet Explorer? 
Requires a Registry Edit, be careful!
When you drag a long address from the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 address bar to a new location, the address is truncated to 259 characters in the new location.
My Internet connection dies if my laptop's on for too long. Internet Explorer Shortcuts
How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption - MSKB Get more control over the Windows Firewall with "Netsh Firewall"
Prevent Users From Changing Privacy Settings In IE New Freeware - Outlook Express Tweaker
Troubleshooting Basic Network Problems In XP Information bar appears while downloading a file - Windows XP SP2
Get Rid of Content Advisor Password
Troubleshoot network problems with Windows XP's Netsh Diag commands Microsoft Internet Explorer IE6 can't search from address bar?
Cannot log onto MSN Hotmail due to invalid cookie settings You receive an error "539 char 2 error invalid argument code 0 url". With SHDOCLC.DLL/preview.dlg
Configure Internet Explorer to work as an FTP client
These porn sites are like playing that old game, "Whack a Mole". Every time we fix one, another pops up.
Here is a new twist to an old theme that folks are always struggling with.
These annoying popup adds are for the birds so blast em! Be a Spammer Slammer.
Stop XP from attempting to call home
Windows XP: Use Windows Messenger to Make Voice Calls to Another Computer
Learn how to use Windows Messenger to talk with your friends and colleagues online. You can make a call to another computer and invite others to join a voice conversation. You can also receive a call from another computer and accept or decline an invitation to talk.
full article from Microsoft.com
Q316530 Modem Automatically Attempts to Establish a Dial-Up Connection When You Start Your Computer or Start a Program. This is a Microsoft Knowledgebase article sent in by reader John...Thanks John.
Computer wants to phone home at startup
OLEXP: Outlook Express Does Not Start After You Upgrade to Windows XP (Q314422)     http://support.microsoft.com/default.
High Rate of Collisions on 100-MB Networks - (315237) - MSKB
Remove Windows Messenger
View devices that are missing from your XP workstation in Device Manager Can't Get Netscape 7.0, Mozilla, or Opera to auto-Dial in Windows XP? Try this:
How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP - MSKB Bo Tips: Do you use Outlook Express 6.0? Did you know that you can use OE 6.0 to view your Hotmail as though it were a regular POP 3 account right from Outlook Express? Click here - I'll tell you how to set it up.
Outlook Express 6.0 Can't Spell
Keeping Time on Networked PC's More Cookie Shenanigans
Show Connection Icon In System Tray Make the most of My Network Places
Access Your IE Favorites From the Desktop Send Your Mail Later With Outlook Express
Creating Fast Email Replies Pt I Saving Your Outlook Express Mail Rules
Hotmail lists "Your e-mail message has been idle and this link has become inactive." Viewing real-time network statistics in Task Manager

Expedite TCP/IP troubleshooting with this handy tool

TCP/IP troubleshooting The Windows XP IP Configuration Tool
When you're trying to resolve TCP/IP connectivity problems, the Ipconfig command can come in handy. But using it on the command line is more work than it should be. Here's a simple interface that makes Ipconfig--and its eight switches--much easier to run.

A TechRepublic Download, be sure to read the Windows XP IP Configuration ToolReadMe.doc

Troubleshooting Basic Network Problems In XP

Troubleshooting is something we often find ourselves having to do. It is often difficult to even know how to begin troubleshooting a problem and can mean waiting on the phone for extended periods of time waiting to speak to support personnel.

XP makes network troubleshooting more “user friendly” through the Help and Support Center. Using the various troubleshooters, you can select from various problems and XP will provide you with some tips on how to troubleshoot the problem. For example, to troubleshoot a home networking problem, open the Help and Support Center located on the Start Menu and select Networking and the web. Select Fixing networking and web problems. From the list of problems click Home and Small Office Network Troubleshooter.

Using the Network Troubleshooter, you can pick from a list of problems and XP will present you with possible resolutions. This is a nice added feature in XP however, don't rule out any calls to tech support