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End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me
Effective July 11, 2006, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me will transition to a non-supported status. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide any incident support options or security updates. Existing support documents, however, will continue to be available through the Microsoft Support Product Solution Center Web site.
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Updated  03/22/06

Welcome to Windows 98,Microsoft Windows ME the third eddition or as Microsoft calls it, Millennium

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Don't Miss! Get into Using Windows Me
Frequently updated how-to articles and tips put Windows Me to work for you.

Handy tips for Windows Me
Windows Me is loaded with features for home users. Here's a collection of tips toIn Software make it work even better for you.

When your computer starts misbehaving, it would be nice to "turn back the clock" to a time when it still did what you wanted it to. With Windows Me's System Restore that's exactly what you can do.

Windows Me

Optimize Windows Me, click here
for some Microsoft tips on the subject.


PCWorld.comWindows Tips: Safer Backups--The Long and Short of It
Make backing up system files safer; run slide shows in Windows Me. PC World Article

Important Notice to all Win Me users:
Microsoft, in a never ending search to lighten your wallet, will be ending free support for Win Me around the same time they will be ending support for Windows 98 and 98 SE. See this
Microsoft Site for more details.

Windows Me Help & How To's

Windows Millennium Edition Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question to display the answer.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this Web page, click this link to try searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

To the Windows Me Support Highlights Page

MVP From Microsoft Knowledgebase & Other MVP Resources

Windows Millennium Has Shiped
That is the bad news I am afraid!

I have just spent an interesting 3 days returning my system to normal, and that is with Windows 98.

Why should that concern you? It is simple. It appears that this version of Windows Me, is a rush job. An attempt by Microsoft to dismiss all those critical things that I and others have said about past OS shipments being delayed. In my opinion, Microsoft should have waited on this one too. In all fairness to Microsoft, I have an old Pentium 166 with 98 megabytes of EDO RAM. And no my machine should not be in the Smithsonian as a museum piece! The ole girl has plenty of life in her. If you have a brand new shinny speed burner, you may have a better experience.

Many features that Windows Me touts are available from third party vendors as well as Microsoft's own Download Center.

If you are like me, you will ignore my advise to wait until Windows Me FE (Windows Me Fourth Edition). My reasons for upgrading were rather benign actually. Simple curiosity. I suspect that is the motivater to many upgrades. However, this is an OS (Operating System) and something this important should not be placed on the market wily nilly for the unsuspecting consumer to purchase.

Microsoft touts this OS as being the, "Most stable system to date". In my experience nothing could be farther from the truth. Once loaded on my machine, Win Me crashed regularly or else it rebooted for no apparent reason. Several features, including the System Restore and the usually mundane Help crashed repeatedly. If this is what Microsoft is calling stable these days, we are in far bigger trouble than I first thought.

A vary disturbing after affect of Win Me was that several of my system hardware drivers no longer worked. My Video card refused to function even after I uninstalled Win Me and re-installed Windows 98. My modem also refused to work even after I had gone through and adjusted settings in the BIOS ( Basic Input Output System) to force a computability. I am still working on these issues. The phantom files or settings that Win Me left behind are going to force me to do a Drive C:\ reformat. Yup, I see no other way without spending a ton of hours going through the registry looking for arcane key sets. I am not that patient! Pity too, I was really hoping for something a little more from the boys at Redmond this time around.

Well, the good news is that Bohunky0 is going to be quite busy for the next few days. You won't have to worry about catching anything new on the Welcome to Blaisdell's Little Corner of the Web site. I'll be a little preoccupied trying to reformat the drive and reinstall Windows 98. Maybe a look at Linux is in order. Just hate the look of that stupid penguin is all.

Bohunky0's advise?

Skip this one! Wait for Windows Millennium FE (Windows Millennium fourth Edition). One thing is certain, there is going to be a frenzied rash of upgrades and bug fixes for this version of the Windows family. Be ready for tons of download times. Collect them all, impress your friends! And, if Microsoft wants you to pay for any of this stuff, lets all go back to IBM's OS 2 Warp. It also had its problems, but it didn't try to convince you it was anything else but what it was, A stable operating system.

Windows ME Bugged by Flaw
by Michelle Delio
9:00 a.m. Sep. 14, 2000 PDT

Microsoft's brand-new operating system, Windows ME already has one confirmed security bug.

The vulnerability allows malicious users to remotely shut down or force a reboot if the computer is running the WebTV for Windows application.

Do you have an interesting story, good or bad, about your experience installing windows Millennium?

Email me, will share it with the rest of the world, or at least the two or so people that frequent Boihunky0's.

Check out my review and of course, Bohunky0's cherished advise!

Windows 98 SE Challenges Windows Me
By Greg Shultz, The Windows Wizard, Help & How-To

Learn how to make your Windows 98 SE operating system just like Windows Me with this side-by-side comparison.

Help & How To's

Explorer defaults to opening the My Documents folder in the folder tree. Here is how to change that default to anything you wish.

Here's how you can make Explorer open the root folder on the C: drive by default (this assumes you have Windows installed in the default C:\Windows folder):

1. Right-click the icon you usually use to access Windows Explorer and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

2. Change the value in the Target box to:

C:\Windows\Explorer /e, C:\

Don't worry about case -- the Target value is case insensitive. I'm using mixed case here merely for clarity.

3. Click OK.

You can replace 'C:\' with any other pathname you choose. For instance, to open by default at the Program Files folder use:

C:\Windows\Explorer /e, c:\Program Files

The /e switch makes Explorer display both a folder list and file window. Or, in Microsoft parlance, it opens in Explorer View showing scope and results. If you leave the /e switch off, Explorer will open a plain file window without the folder list (Microsoft calls this Open View).

Explorer has two additional switches, /root and /select. You can use any combination of the /e, /root and /select switches, as well as a pathname, but you must separate them by commas.

The /root switch determines which folder (or, more precisely, which object) appears at the top level of the Explorer window. By default, this is the Desktop. You can check this by opening a regular Explorer window and scrolling up to the top of the folder list -- you'll see everything springs from the Desktop. You'll also find the same thing if you click the down-arrow on the Address box in the Explorer window -- there's the Desktop sitting at the top level.

You can use the /root switch to change this. For example, if you'd like to use C:\ as Explorer's top-level location, change the Target to:

C:\Windows\Explorer /e, /root, C:\

Note that specifying a /root folder can restrict access to files via an Explorer window. For instance:

C:\Windows\Explorer /e, /root, C:\My Documents\Archives

opens a Windows Explorer folder that gives access only to files contained within the sub-folder Archives within the My Documents folder. The only way to access files on other parts of the drive or on other drives is to type the pathname in the Address box.

When you use the /select switch, instead of Windows Explorer opening with the folder you select open, it opens the parent folder (the one directly above the folder you chose) and highlights the selected folder.

You can specify files and URLs as well as folders in Explorer Targets. Think of this as a roundabout way of opening a document, running a program or accessing a Web site.

If the file you specify is something Explorer recognises, such as a Word (or WordPad) document, an Excel spreadsheet, a JPG image, or an HTML file, it will be opened for in-place editing within an Explorer window. The following Target, for example, will display an Excel spreadsheet ready for editing within an Explorer window:

C:\Windows\Explorer C:\My Documents\Shares.xls

For all other files, including programs, you'll be prompted with Explorer's File Download dialog asking whether you want to Run or Save the file. If you choose Run, the program will be loaded or, if it's a document, the document will be loaded within its associated application.

There are, of course, much easier ways of accomplishing many of these tasks, but it can come in handy to know exactly how Explorer handles command-line parameters

Your computer keeps accessing your hard drive in the background. This causes your computer to be practically useless while this is going on. Hint...its the win Me Restore Process, here is how to fix it.

You've upgraded your operating system to Windows Millennium, and now something keeps taking over your PC and accessing your hard drive in the background. While this is going on, your PC becomes almost completely unusable due to the tremendous slowdown.

The most likely culprit for your PC's slow performance with the background processing of files is the new System Restore feature in Windows Millennium. If you don't need this new feature, or you just can't stand the way that the System Restore utility takes over your PC from time to time as it backs up system files, you can turn it off. Here's how: open the Windows Control Panel's System applet, switch to the Performance tab, click on the File System button, switch to the Troubleshooting tab, and check the "Disable System Restore" check box. For more information on the new System Restore feature in Windows Millennium, select Help from the Windows Start menu and search on the keywords "System Restore."

Windows Millennium's new System Restore feature is taking up way too much of your available disk space.

You can easily reduce (or increase) the amount of disk space used by System Restore by opening the Windows Control Panel's System applet, switching to the Performance tab, clicking on the File System button, switching to the Hard Disk tab, and using the slider control to adjust the amount disk space used by System Restore. For more information on the System Restore feature in Windows Millennium, select Help from the Windows Start menu and search on the keywords "System Restore."

Upgrading Alert

Upgrading problems with Windows Me

During an upgrade to Windows Me from a Windows 95 or 98 installation that includes the 3Com Corporation NIC Diagnostics program, an error may be dished out indicating the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program isn’t compatible, and that it will be removed. Don’t ditch the installation at this point, because after the upgrade is complete, the diagnostics program and help files turn up.

Video Adapeter Alert

Video trouble with Windows Me

Be forewarned! After installing a secondary video adapter in a Windows 98 or Me environment, the screen display is a blank. Such behavior can be attributed to a computer that has a built-in video adapter, but where the BIOS doesn’t support multiple video adapters, and where the secondary video adapter isn’t supported for multiple display use. To work around this snafu, either update the computer’s BIOS or get a supported video adapter.

Problems shutting down with Windows Me on a Toshiba Tecra 780DVD

Trying to shut down a Toshiba Tecra 780DVD running Microsoft Windows Me may be a tricky affair. The computer may restart or stop, displaying a flashing cursor. The trouble maker: A Lucent modem asking for a delay in a Ring0 function. Either of these workarounds fixes this glitch: Download Toshiba drivers for Windows Me Here  or; Disable the Lucent modem. Microsoft posts that workaround Here

Keep Windows Me safe with System File Protection

The installation of new software in Windows sometimes overwrites shared files of other application software--mostly dynamic linked libraries (.dlls) and executables (.exes). These file version mismatches often lead to an unstable application if not an overall Windows system crash. Microsoft has provided a solution in Windows Me.

The System File Protection (SFP) prevents a user from installing software that might make the operating system unstable. With software that either overwrites newer files with older files, or overwrite files with modified versions and renames them, Windows Me now monitors these types of installations.

If a program attempts to load an older or different version of an existing file, Windows Me will first store the original, then check a catalogue to see if the new or modified file can safely replace the original. If it can, Windows Me allows the installation. If it is not a valid replacement, Windows Me restores the original. The best part of this new feature is that all this happens without the user having to respond.


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