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ICKill the ICQ 2000 build full screen banner add at connect here is how

If you use ICQ, then you know the full screen banner add is a pain where you presently sit. Learn how to kill the banner add here. Be aware; some of the instruction set require that you edit the system registry.

Also we have a special tips, tricks, and troubleshooting ideas for using ICQ. Check it out here


Incorrectly editing the system registry can cause damage to data or cause your computer not to be able to boot into your GUI (General User Interface = Windows). Blaisdell's Little Corner of the Web, Bohunky0, or any of it's affiliates take no responsibility for any such loss. The end user....You, assume any all risks.

That being said, remember to back up any system file you intend to edit. In this way, you should be able to get things back to the way they were before you made any changes. If you do not know how to back up your system registry, ...........this next tip is definitely not for you.

Found the following tips at http://www.betanews.com

Find these files or any of them in ICQ folder:


each to .bak extension so that ICQ cant find them.

Or the longer, more complicated way:Make sure ICQ is not Running.

1- Download Reshack from

2- Look for Auto Update in your registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ\DefaultPrefs
And set the value to "No"

3- Delete the following files from your ICQ folder

icqateima32.dll (removes advertisement downloading)
icqateimg32.dll (removes the loading of images)
icqateres.dll (removes part of the advertisement function)

4- Open ICQCore.dll in Reshack.
4a  Deploy the Dialog folder and open each numbered folder
The dialog boxes should be : 2503,2507,2512,2513,2514,2543,2560,2566

4b Click the banner box (dark Grey) and it will highlight the control for that box.

4c Change the last 2 numbers in that control to 0, 0 Example;
CONTROL "", 1070, "{9F9012BA-E55B-11D3-ADE7-0090270D8F00}", 0x50000000,
1, 158, 260, 38
CONTROL "", 1070, "{9F9012BA-E55B-11D3-ADE7-0090270D8F00}", 0x50000000,
1, 158, 0, 0

4d Change the main dialog box size coordinates (at the top of the
script) to
Ad box y coordinate +1. Example: for above control you take the 158 then
change the main dialog box y coordinate to 158+1 (159) So;
2503 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 262, 196
2503 DIALOGEX 0, 0, 262, 159

NOTE The last four digits are position/size coordinates - first set is
x,y position,

the second set is
x,y size.

4e Compile the script

4f Repete for all dialogs with banner ads then save the file (Have a backup of ICQCore.dll just in case something goes wrong)

I have an edited ICQCore.dll (For 2000b v4.60) here

I am unsure of older versions but in ICQ2000b Beta 4.63 build 3279
"ICQSearc.dll" Dialog 2008 must be altered to remove the banner at the top of the Find User Add to List. It's as easy as removing them in ICQcore.dll

NOTE : just removing the DLLs will still display an AD placeholder, the full procedure is needed to have your ICQ look like it was before those fuckin' ads One more thing, on some machines, this procedure makes ICQ crash when you open a birthday reminder message

Newbie Notes: Troubleshooting ICQ
ICQ enables millions of users to connect with each other, send email, create Web pages, and exchange files. Yet despite--or maybe because of--this impressive list of features, using ICQ can sometimes frustrate new and veteran users alike. Here's a guide to help you find answers to some common ICQ complaints.
In Newbie Notes.

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