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FastNet99 Speed up DNS lookups, and thus your Internet connection, with this freeware utility. More info & Downoad @ Site Venders site here
Favorites Cleaner - Lets you validate the bookmarked pages in your personal 'Favorites' folder in Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater. More info & download @ site
Free Agent This program helps you subscribe to, filter, and organize UseNet newsgroup messages. You can dip into message threads as they interest you, mark long articles to be downloaded later, or download articles while browsing others. The program also supports binary attachments, so you can post and download files. You can also decrease your online time by using the program's offline mode, which briefly connects to the server to retrieve article headers. Then you browse the headers offline, mark the interesting ones, and hop back online to retrieve the marked articles.

Free Agent v1.93 | Author: Forte | File Size:2140KB | Price:Free
Operating System(s):Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT Download from PcWorld or go to the authors website

FollowMeIP Lite v1.3 [148k] W98/2k/XP FREE

FollowMeIP Lite is a plain and simple tool that displays your external IP address, even if you are behind a router or firewall. No install needed; just run the file and it will display the IP address. It can also be minimized to the system tray.

Fotos on Web v1.0 [1.2M] W98/2k/XP FREE

Fotos on Web (FOW) is a tool to create online photo albums. You can select the images (individually or by folder), add comments, and select a style for the generated pages. FOW uses XML and CSS to create the album designs, allowing advanced users to further customize the output. The user can specify an output directory, the number of thumbnails on a page, their size, and more. Fotos on Web comes with several styles included- some of them simple, others with nice transition effects.

Fresh Download

(version 3.10), release date: Feb 14, 2002

Site Fresh Devices

Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager software that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite software, mp3 files, video files, picture collections, etc. Unlike any other similar utilities, this software is 100% free, no charges, no banners in the software (which steal your bandwidth), no spyware. More info ...


FileZilla v1.9.3 [1.6M] W9x/2k/XP FREE With FileZilla, you can do what you normally do when it comes to
managing your file transfers in an FTP client: start and stop
downloads and uploads. There's also a time out detector, upload and
download queue, and "drag & drop" and multi-language support.
FirstStop WebSearch v2.0 [904k] W9x/NT/2k Megasearch program. search twelve different search engines at once and spit out more results than you can shake a stick at. Once you've found what you need, you can save the results in a Favorites folder, open specific results in your browser, and basically save time by not having to research for items over and over again. You can pick which engines to search, too. Download Now
FOLDOC Offline Browser v1.0 [2.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE FOLDOC stands for the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing and this
application is just an offline browsible version of this on-line
dictionary. Just like a regular dictionary, FOLDOC covers a wide
variety of computer and telecom categories such as tools,
architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions,
standards, mathematics, electronics, institutions, companies,
projects, products, history plus just about anything you can think of
that is related to computers. You don't have to just be a computer
geek to use FOLDOC, just think of it as your Rosetta Stone to
understanding computers and their technicians. With this program there
should be no excuse to be conned into an unnecessary computer repair
just because the technician spouted off some intelligent sounding

In our information-obsessed world, it's not uncommon to have more than one POP e-mail account. This, of course, has spawned the need for a tool our ancestors never would have dreamed of: an application that can download all your e-mail from multiple accounts. FoxMail is such a tool--and it's even free. You can import and export messages to and from Outlook. It can remain in your system tray and alert you when you've received e-mail with the default Windows notification or a .wav file that you choose. You can even view HTML messages from within this
Price: Free 

Download FoxMail now at:,fid,16961,tk,hsx,00.asp
FTP Commander is a simple, straightforward, no-frills program that makes it easy to make quick FTP connections. Its best feature? Letting you upload and download multiple files simultaneously. (Free/Windows)
More info & download @ site
HS FTPExplorer is a goodie that lets you upload files by merely dragging and dropping them into the program. It also allows you to run multiple instances of the program, so that you can download and upload simultaneously to several different sites. It also lets you view files while they're still on the server. (Free/Windows)
GDS Popup Controller v1.0 [276k] W98/2k/XP FREE

GDS Popup Controller is a pop-up window killer, that provides several approaches to handle popup windows. The default mode will close most common popups without even loading them first - the only way to notice that a popup has been closed is by the flashing tray icon, optional sound, or the entry in the kill log. It also offers a more aggressive mode, that eliminates all popup windows, not only the scripted ones. In addition to these configurations, you can customize the settings by configuring banned or accepted domains. GDS Popup Controller is not smart enough to recognize good popups (that were triggered by user click), but you can temporarily disable the blocking by holding the Ctrl key when clicking on a popup link

Getleft v1.1 [2.0M] W9x/2k/XP FREE

Getleft is a Web site downloader that downloads complete web sites according to the settings provided by the user. It automatically changes all the absolute links to relative ones, so you can surf the downloaded pages (Web sites) on your local computer without the need to connect to the Internet, so that you can surf the site on your hard disk. Getleft supports several filters allowing you to limit the download to certain files, as well as options for resuming, following external links, sitemaps, and more. Getleft supports proxy connections and can be scheduled to update downloaded pages automatically.

Ghostfiles v2.0 [911k] W2k/XP FREE Ghostfiles is a file-mirroring application that eats up very little system resources. With Ghostfiles you just configure the source directory and the destination that you want to mirror that directory to and the application will do the rest. Ghostfiles is a great application for network laptop users because you can use the program to mirror the contents of a local directory to a network location for your colleagues to access.
GoBox Tired of constantly firing up Internet Explorer? GoBox can take care of much of your Web surfing; yet unlike a full-fledged browser, it occupies only a few square inches on your desktop. If you're immersed in Word, for example, you can jump to Google to look up a fact--without undertaking the cumbersome process of opening a browser. You can also use GoBox to check items on EBay, read the news, retrieve phone numbers, find local movie screening times, perform spelling checks of documents with a Web-based dictionary, and access maps that show you how to get where you need to go.
Author: GoBox Software | File Size: 32KB | Price: Free | Download from PcWorld
Operating System(s): Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT
GovernMail v1.2 Explore the government via the Internet. More info.
Download Now
Grim's Ping v1.7.5 [2.2M] W9x/2k/XP FREE {Scanning tool} In this context, "scanning" is using a program like Grim's Ping to ping many FTPs to find active FTPs (public folders) with anonymous access and upload/download permissions. Pub-scanners use this tool to do host lookups, scan ports, log and print scan results, check read and write permissions, and other configurable functions. For more information, there's a tutorial on pub scanning available at Net KnowledgeBase. Those who are upgrading need to uninstall the previous version prior to installing the new version.
Group Mail Free Send HTML-formatted personalized e-mail to large groups.
Version 3.4.065 4.81mb Download
GuildFTPd GuildFTPd gives you the capability to add as many users as you want to your server and to configure each user's access to your server. GuildFTPd also has features like upload/download count, speed limiters, hammer banning, resume upload/download and system event messages to personalize your server. You just can't beat the value of  GuildFTPd, especially given the price tag!
GutCheck v1.1 [1.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE Once you've installed this browser add-on, all you have to do is right- click on an item's link to instantly view its owner's comments (both positive and negative). You can also filter out comments from users with low feedback scores.
Hacker Translator v2.4 [235k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Well, it's a hacker thing - a special typewritten "code" that looks
like gibberish to most people. If you use this tool, however, you'll
be able to translate those seemingly random characters into plain
English. And vice versa. Yeah, this might not be at the top of your
priority list, but the next time someone uses this code in a chat
room, you'll know what's being said.
History Collector v1.1 [947k] W2k/XP FREE

History Collector Pro is an Internet Explorer plug-in that allows you to save a copy of every Web page you visit as a complete and standalone file. If you ever need to reference something from your history, you'll have the original version, even if the online page has changed since. The pages can also be viewed offline, since they take advantage of the .mht archive format and embed all graphics. The history is organized similar to your standard IE history, sorted by month and grouped by Web sites. This free version keeps track of the last five days of Web surfing; an optional Pro version tracks up to a year and adds export features.

HJSplit v2.2

Do you need to accomplish disk-spanning tasks, such as sharing your recorded hours at Disneyland across CD-ROMs, or transferring a file that's larger than a floppy to another computer? HJSplit lets you transfer files between computers by breaking them into pieces that suit the media you're using. You can also compare the files to be sure that all the data is there, and of course you can rejoin the file. HJSplit consists only of an .exe file, so it can be run from a floppy disk or CD-ROM.
Download: (130 Kb);
HJSplit Java for any computer which has Java installed
An automatic freeware file-joiner. Compatible with all versions of HJ-Split. It can be used by software distributors and all others, who want to send or distribute large files through networks or on floppies. HJ-Join can let end-users automatically join the split parts back together again. These split parts were (of course) split using HJ-Split. Versions available which run on Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/NT.
Download all versions: (44 Kb)
HJSplit: DOS
Freeware. Download: (10 Kb)
Command-line version, which runs on MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, OS/2, Mac (with emulation installed), Windows NT.
Created by Rhesa Rozendaal

Host Evaluator v1.0 [393k] W98/2k/XP FREE

Host Evaluator is a tool to compare features of different Web hosting providers and to monitor their Web performance in order to help you make a decision on which company to host with. The program lets you pick whatever hosting company you want, and a step-by-step wizard walks you through the details that are needed to compare the individual hosting plans. It provides options for storage space, bandwidth, 12-month cost, e-mail, support, redundancy, features, connection speed and uptime and more. After you have entered several plans, you can choose which plans you want to compare, weight your attributes according to your needs, and the Host Evaluator will generate a HTML table with the best host. After you have found a host, you can continue to use the software to monitor your site's uptime. The program does not favor or suggest any hosting providers. Asks for a voluntary donation.

Hotline Connect Client
Transfer files, chat, play multimedia files, and more. This
full-featured communications utility offers download management, FTP
support, access to various Hotline Internet communities, real-time
chat (even while you download), and a news delivery service.
Multimedia capabilities support most popular file formats, including
MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, and MP3.
Version: 1.85 
Price: Free 
Download Hotline Connect Client now.
Visit the site HERE
HTML Cipher v2.0 [883k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

HTML Cipher allows Webmasters to protect their HTML code from casual viewing or copying by obscuring the HTML code in a way that it unreadable to the casual viewer, yet remains completely functional in any web browser. It offers different "encryption" methods that allow you to process part of the page or the entire code, as well as backup options for your original files. You can process a single or multiple files and also apply some additional security features like disabling the right-click menu, adding a password prompt, and META tags that prevent caching or easy image harvesting. HTML Cipher is easy to use and comes with a good set of features; however, the so-called encryption should not be considered a serious security measure (it also doubles the size of your page).

HTML Builder XP v5.0 LITE [9.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE

HTML Builder XP is a powerful, professional, and easy-to-use development environment for HTML. It comes with an impressive array of features and an easy-to-use interface. Some of the features include HTML Syntax Highlighting, Instant Tag Property Editing (e.g., Delphi & Visual Basic), Tag Insight Drop Down Helper Lists (e.g., MSVC++), Automatic Tag Completion, Complete HTML Tidy Integration, Fast Spell Checker, Thesaurus, integrated document preview, support for external browsers, source formatter, ASP, SSI, CFML, WebTV tags, Editable Code Snippets, Local Project Management, Integrated JavaScripts & DHTML Scripts... and much more. HTML Builder XP also includes FTP functionality, a Meta Tag Wizard, integrated help files, webmaster resources and reference manuals covering HTML 4.0 and CSS. A very nice package that is well suited for beginners and advanced users alike.

HTML Editor
HTML Kit is another capable tool. It includes error-catching features, syntax highlighting for many different Web-building technologies, wizards, a spelling checker and thesaurus, and pre-built templates and code snippets. (Free/Windows)

Who said you have to spend a lot of money to get great Web development tools? You don't! These free HTML editors fit the bill--whatever your level of expertise.
See Also: Arachnophilia & 1st Page 2000

HTTrack Website Copier Do you have a few Web pages that you peruse every day, and you'd like
to read them on the plane, at the hotel, or anyplace without an
Internet connection?

HTTrack is a free offline browser that allows you to download a Web
site to a directory on your hard drive, copying the HTML files,
images, and other files from the server to your computer. Just open a
page of the "mirrored" Web site in your browser, and you can browse
the site from link to link, just as if you were viewing it online.
HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site and resume
interrupted downloads. Downloaded sites can be filtered by parameters
that include file type, link location, structure depth, file size, and
site size.

The interface is available in many languages in addition to English,
including Dutch, Polish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and

Version: 3.15-2 
Price: Free 

Download HTTrack Website Copier now at:,
ICQ Chat online. More infor and download at site
Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer 6 beta [831k] W2k/XP

{View restricted files} The Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer is a way for Windows users to view files, given restricted permissions. These restrictions help people prevent sensitive documents, Web-based information, and e-mail messages from being forwarded, edited, or copied by unauthorized individuals. Document authors, Web site authors, and creators of Web-based applications can deliver protected information by restricting permission, using MS Office 2003 to create and modify such files. These restrictions are customizable; that is, one person may view the document but not print it, another may do both, and a third person may view and print the document - but only for five days. This add-on will allow you to view Rights Management files using IE 6. Though it's in beta, it's a good feature to be aware of, because we could encounter such files more frequently in the future.

IECount v1.0 [252k] W9x/2k/XP FREE If you surf with a lot of Internet Explorer windows open, you know
that eventually it can bog down your system - and even make Internet
Explorer stop running altogether. There is a solution, and that is to
limit the number of open windows. Start counting on IECount! You can
allow only one window, two windows, five windows, or ten windows from
the system tray (or launch the application and specify any number
you'd like).
IEMate v6.0.3 [378k] W9x/2k/XP FREE IEMate is an application that will allow you to customize Internet
Explorer without having to directly access the Windows Registry. With
IEMate you can type what you want in the title bar, change the start
page and even whether it should start in full screen mode or not. You
can also change the logo in the upper right hand corner or set a
toolbar skin using any BMP file on your computer. In the tools section
you will find a button to organize your favorites, search for files
and even get into your Internet Options. If you make a major goof,
don't worry, just hit the reset button and everything will go back to
Internet Explorers default settings.


IE New Window Maximizer v2.1 [1.9M] W9x/NT/2k FREE

{Max IE instantly} Open Internet Explorer. Now open another instance of Internet Explorer. And another one? Another? You'll notice that in order to maximize every new window, you have to do it manually. Yeah, so? Well, why bother with that when you can have this program running in the background. It automatically maximizes the IE window when you open it! It's just a little time saver, that's all. You can even set a hotkey to close some / all of the windows. Automatic minimization is also included, if you'd rather have it that way. Just like Burger King. Without the special sauce.
IE Privacy Keeper v1.0 [376k] W98/2k/XP FREE

IE Privacy Keeper automatically cleans up all traces of your Internet activity when the last window of Internet Explorer is closed. You can select to clean the URL history, typed URLs, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Recent Documents, Auto-complete history, Windows temporary files and the Recycle Bin. IE Privacy Keeper can perform the cleanup automatically, or manually from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.

IE Restrictions v1.0 [478k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

IE Restrictions allows you to disable certain modifications to Internet Explorer. Many of them are commonly abused by invasive Web sites that, for example, change your home page settings, modify the toolbar, open pages in full-screen mode, and more. Others are more of an administrative nature, allowing you to disable the registry editor, page source viewing, and other settings

IE Quickstart v3.0.0 [73k] W9x/2k/XP FREE If you happen to want to see more than one Web page at a time, you
should take a look at IE Quickstart. Now you can open all your
favorite sites - simultaneously. You can copy the URLs from the
clipboard, or even import the addresses from your Favorites folder,
IE Speakster

After hours of straining your eyes looking at your flickering monitor, you may be wanting some relief. This program gives it to you, in the form of a little blue Merlin-like character. This free add-on to users of Internet Explorer 4 or higher reads Web pages to you when you right-click and select IE Speakster. If you want only specific text read, you just highlight that portion. The character will vanish after the page is spoken, or when you right-click on the character and command it to stop. Download Now

iHateSpam v3.2.57 [10.0MB] W98/2k/XP US$19.95

{Spam blocker} iHateSpam is one of the best spam filtering products I've tried in a long time. I have used a few over the years, but have always ended up ditching them after about a week. They were either filtering out my real mail or causing mass confusion for me, or they were extremely hard to configure to catch the spam-related mail. iHateSpam is easy to install and configure. It took approximately 10 minutes from start-to-finish and that was including having the program go through my already-received e-mails in the original setup. NOTE: iHateSpam only works with Outlook 2000/2002 and Outlook Express version 5 or higher. The feature that I like most is the ability to send the questioned e-mail to a "Friends" or "Enemies" folder. It also has a bounce feature that sends the spam message back to the culprit company to say that your e-mail address doesn't exist.

A word to the wise. If the program informs you that it needs to update....don't bother. Some people are finding that their systems will freeze after installing the update. I advise that you wait for a aptch for this specific problem before updating. This program was loaded to this page on Febraury 10, 2003. Before downloading the progam see if they have applied a pactch for this problem. The program, without the patch, seems to catch about 90% of the spam as opposed to 60% from other filtering systems.

IMail Express v8.02 [5.7M] W98/2k/XP FREE

IMail Server is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use messaging solution complete with webmail, web calendaring, anti-spam and optional anti-virus add-on. IMail was especially designed for NT and comes with everything you would expect from a mail server, as well as many additional features and optional add-ons to further extend the functionality if your e-mail needs expand. Despite the many features, IMail remains easy to use and can be set up and configured in a short time. Basic operation can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The server supports SSL connections, as well as ODBC database connectivity (for users), web-based administration (optional), advanced spam filtering, mail rules, and much more. IMail Server includes built-in monitoring of critical mail services to ensure reliability and uptime with automatic notification and restart if a service goes down. It also includes Finger, Whois, and password servers. This free starter edition lets ten users share one domain (such as IMail Express includes all standard capabilities except the list server, nobody alias, store and forward, and peering.

IncrediMail Personalize the format of your e-mail. More...
IndigoPerl v2003.02 [18.9M] W9x/2k/XP FREE

{Binary build of Apache, Perl, and PHP} Write Perl and PHP scripts using IndigoPerl, which comes with an integrated, pre-configured Apache. No need to download and configure the Apache Web server. The MySQL module is also included. It comes with a browser-based interface manager, using point and click for installing and removing PHP modules. This is a quick and easy way to get started in writing scripts with Perl/CGI. It doesn't even use the Windows Registry. Carefully read the easy installation directions to ensure a clean install. This is recommended for those who want to write scripts without the pains of installing a big, powerful Web server.

InjectURL v2.17 [570k] W9x/2k/XP FREE Now, what if you can't remember where the Web site was in the first
place? Oops. InjectURL will insert the current Web address into a
saved HTML document automatically. Nice, eh? And you may be the type
of person to hold onto your downloads, but will you always remember
what 'HPSJAF10.ZIP' contains inside? I doubt it.
InstantGet v1.42 [950k] W98/2k/XP FREE

InstantGet is a download manager that lets you automatically organize your downloaded files into folders. In addition, it offers automatic dial-up, download scheduling, Internet Explorer integration, download resume and more. InstantGet can split the download into multiple pieces, thereby increasing the download speed, using the full capabilities of your connection. You can also add personal comments to each file that you have downloaded, redownload it with a single click, and use a drop icon to drag new files from Internet Explorer. The freeware version comes with four default categories (Software, Audio, Video and Other); additional categories are available in a Premium version.

Internet Organizer Pro Delete cookies, close pop-ups, organize favorites and more.
Requires registration with the author after 30 uses. The registration is free.
More info & Download @ Site
iMesh A search tool that lets you locate and download audio, image, and video files from the Web. The files you search for are located on the computers of other iMesh users.
iMesh Web site from Israel
IP Refresh v1.5.5 [2.6M] 2k/XP FREE

IP Refresh is a DHCP client diagnostic tool for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP. It allows non-administrators to release and renew their IP address, using a graphical ipconfig interface with additional information relating to the DHCP Clients TCP/IP configuration, IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, MAC address, Primary and Secondary WINS and DNS. The program also displays whether or not a Windows 2000/XP client is configured to dynamically update DNS. Additional features include static address conflict detection, network disconnect and IPIPA detection as well as OS version and Service Packs, HotFixes and more. You also need to download this file to create a registration code that unlocks the former shareware limitations.

IP Watcher All right, quick: What's your IP address? If the numbers don't rattle
off the tip of your tongue, don't worry--you're certainly not in the
minority. Very few of us know our IP address, especially since it's
usually created dynamically each time we log on to the Internet. IP Watcher displays your IP address and host name, helping gamers and network admins keep an eye on this information. You can also store IP numbers for quick reference.

Version: 1.84
Price: Free 

Download IP Watcher now at:
iProtectYou v3.01 [2.5M] W9x/2k/XP FREE First of all I want to say this application is free, which is always a bonus, but on top of that it is loaded with features. The first time you open the iProtectYou program you are prompted to create an administrator password. You have the option of blocking certain Web sites or a pattern of Web sites (such as Web sites containing violence) but you have the option to trust Web sites that you know are safe for a child. If that wasn't enough you can also get more advanced by blocking or allowing specific ports or IP addresses. Probably most important is the collection of log files and graphs that let you know see where you child has been because lets face it, a system like this is great but it's nothing if the parent doesn't spend the time to review it. So if you are a parent that believes in protecting your child online then iProtectYou is the program for you.
IntelliTamper v2.03 [83k] W9x/NT/2k FREE
{Browse server hierarchies} Wouldn't it be nice to see what's on a Web site before you click through? And wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long? You can use this sneaky spider to find only the files you desire (at least, on a particular Web server). Browse at your leisure without having to worry about ads, useless links, and other nuisances. Flip through the folders as if they were actually on your hard drive. Clear away the excess and get down to what you really need. It'll also find unlisted files and folders on a Web site.
Internet Explorer Security v1.2 Impose Internet Explorer restrictions More info
Download Now
iTrix v3.0.14 [611k] W2k/XP FREE

{Internet Explorer-based Web browser} No, silly rabbit, iTrix is for geeks and Trix is for kids. Actually, you don't have to be a geek to use iTrix (nor a kid to eat Trix breakfast cereal). iTrix has nothing fruity about it - like the cereal - but the name is appropriate because it can manage up to 64 Web sites in a grid while containing basic browser functionality. I entered 16 Web sites into the program and can see all of the sites by scrolling left / right and up / down. It didn't slow down my system. Click on Tools to see a small grid. My grid had 16 globes filled in with 48 empty grids (since I only loaded 16 Web sites). Mouse-over any globe, and the URL displays to let you know which site it is, and clicking on it pulls up the site in view. Shift + mouse-over shows thumbnails (pictures) of the site. When a site is selected and you click on "jump," it opens a full browser window for that site. The browser has an option for specifying whether or not pop-ups should open and, if so, pop up in or outside of the grid. Remember some sites have ad-free pop ups and use pop ups for login or other site-related information. Those using Windows 2000 may need MSI installed, which is available at This utility is useful for viewing many Web sites while doing Lockergnome research. It's a nifty program with many options, but it may take some a little time to figure it out even with the Help file. This is a Trix worth adding to my geek diet.

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