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Examples of commonly used formulas
- From Microsoft


Let Excel enter decimal points for you

Let Excel enter decimal points for you

You may be able to get away with entering numbers without decimal places, but what about whole numbers or uneven places? Mary Ann Richardson shows you how you can make Excel enter decimal points for you.

Change your Excel worksheet defaults to fit your working environment

Change your Excel worksheet defaults to fit your working environmentSpreadsheets didn't get their name from the fact that they may seem scattered all over the desktop-but too often that's the case. Mary Ann Richardson tells how to change the defaults to help you access the features, locations, and views that you want in your Excel environment.


Excel Vulnerability - 07-11-2006
Of course, the latest favorite target of vulnerability researchers is Microsoft Excel. As PC/Mag has had many times recently, they  have a critical Excel bug in this week's PC/Mag's Excel Vulnerability section. Read this story | From PC/Mag.com

Create an Excel chart that automatically updates with new dataCreate an Excel chart that automatically updates with new data

Are you constantly changing your Excel chart's data range as new information becomes available? Mary Ann Richardson shows how to set up the chart to automatically update as you add new rows of data to your spreadsheet. 
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Keeping totals current in Excel

Gather Keeping totals current in Excel Typically if you need to total values in the range of B1:B20 you would enter a Sum function in B21. But what if you need to add to the number of values in the range? Here's a handy tip that will make everything add up right while you keep your totals current in Excel.

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Excel power pack
You use Excel for everything from calculating expense reports to keeping detailed inventory. Make the experience a good one with these add-ons, patches, and utilities.

Find the top 10 values in an Excel range without sorting

Find the top 10 values in an Excel range without sortingWhen you want to total the amount of sales from your top 10 performers, you usually would have to sort the data first, then use the SUM function to add up the first 10 values in the sorted range. With the Array function in Excel, you can get the same results in a single step. Mary Ann Richardson shows us how.

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  1. Excel 2000 will not load
  2. Spreadsheets got you down? Learn how to use Excel absolute references with confidence. Take a free* interactive online lesson in the Insider Learning Library.
  3. Quick Copy, Paste-Value Options
  4. Expand Excel's Undo Feature:
  5. Looking for time saving Excel add-ins?  Visit  add-ins.com!
  6. XL97: Some Commands Are Not Listed in the Customize Dialog Box - Microsoft Site
    (177873) - When you use the Customize dialog box in Microsoft Excel 97 to change the Worksheet menu bar, the following commands may be missing from the Commands list. Command Menu name Submenu name ----------------------------------------------- Save as HTML...
  7. Design Access Databases with Excel and Normal Forms
    Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create prototypes of your Microsoft Access databases and how to make sure your data adheres to a set of rules called normal forms. This article teaches you why normal forms aren't hard to understand, and why they're critical to designing useful databases.
  8. Index of Counting:
  9. Color-Code Your Excel Data
  10. Adjust Page Breaks
  11. Range Name Rules
    What are the rules governing a range name in Excel?
  12. Find The Maximum Value In A Given Month Of A Given Year
  13. Find The Serial Date In Excel
  14. Color Grindline In Excel
  15. Need To Transpose Tables With Formulas?
  16. Protect an Excel WorkBook
  17. Sort Cells In Excel
  18. A Simple Excel Calculation
  19. Move Excel Worksheets To A New Workbook
  20. Conditional Formatting - Not Just A Pretty Face This is a review article.
  21. Open Excel empty, without creating the default new workbook called Book1
  22. Here is a bare-bones macro you can use to create a new Invoice Template so that cells contain formulas which remain hidden until the user clicks on the cell or gets a result after having entered data in a relevant row or column. Click here.
  23. Exploring Excel Goal Seek
  24. One More Useful Conditional Format
  25. Making A Template In Excel 97
  26. Creating Random Numbers In Excel
  27. Conditional Sums In Excel
  28. Merge Styles Between Microsoft Excel Workbooks
  29. Selecting Excel Rows And Columns With Keyboard Shortcuts
  30. Exporting An Excel Document To The Address Book
  31. Excel Header Template
  32. Range Names for Easier Formular Placement
  33. You'd like to learn a few basic auditing techniques to help you find errors in your Microsoft Excel workbooks
  34. Make Excel More Like Word
  35. Editing Excel Cells
  36. Check Spelling Of Headings In Word
  37. Showing A Hidden Excel Row (Or Column)
  38. Selecting Excel Data
  39. Setting The Excel Solver Options
  40. Multiple Print Areas
  41. Fooling Excel - Printing Multiple Ranges
  42. Watching An Excel Cell
  43. Using A Logo In Excel
  44. Use Pictures In Excel Line Charts
  45. Dual-Axis Charts
  46. Copy a formula to a new location in Microsoft Excel without the relative references changing.
  47. Set Decimal Places In Excel
  48. Erase Excel Cell Contents With The Mouse
  49. Add Some Formatting To Your Excel Printouts
  50. Software Secret: Instant Headers In Excel
  51. Save Macros To Run In All Excel Worksheets
  52. Hide Data In Excel Worksheets
  53. Dragging From Excel To Word
  54. Slanted Column Headings In Excel
  55. Ncrease Your Excel Fluency
  56. Using Format Painter In Excel Worksheets
  57. Using Autocomplete In Excel Worksheets
  58. Clearing An Excel Cell
  59. Erasing Excel Cell Contents With The Mouse 
  60. Create a Macro that will work in all workbooks like Word's Normal.dot
  62. XL: How to Use the Forms Controls on a Worksheet See More info on the use of Spinner Controls with Excel  here
  63. Excel Workbook Name In Title Bar
  64. Dealing With Growing Data (This Instruction Set Provided By Helen Bradley  Excel Energizer Columnist For Woody's Office Watch Wow)
  65. Auto-Widths In Excel And Elsewhere
  66. Mapping With Excel
  67. More on Lookups in Excel
  68. Letting Excel Do The Work
  69. Pasting Unformatted Text In Excel And Powerpoint
  70. Utilize AutoFilter
  71. Managing Conditions In Excel
  72. Excel Energizer - "Or" Conditional Calculations
  73. Simulate Greenbar Paper in a Sheet
  74. Formatting Excel Spreadsheets Inside Word
  75. Automatic Charting
  76. Three Ways To Do The Same Thing In Excel - Part 1
  77. Bullets In Excel
  78. How can I search for an asterisk, question mark, or tilde?
  79. I've set up the page headings just as I want, but they only appear on one worksheet. Is there a way to copy these settings to other sheets?
  80. When I open a file, it asks me if I want to enable or disable a macro. There are no macros in the workbook. What's going on?
  81. How do I add times together?
  82. I have "lastname, firstname" listed in one cell. How can I place these data in separate cells?
  83. I want to lock in my title row so that it remains visible while I scroll down to see the rest of my data. Any ideas?
  84. Recently, a file I've been using has begun opening two copies every time I open it. Then, if I close one, they both close. What's going on?
  85. When I type a number (like 44), Excel displays it as 0.44, even if the cell is formatted not to show decimals. Can I fix this?
  86. Why does Excel say my file has links when I know it doesn't?
  87. Changing some items from Upper case to lower case when using the "Proper" function with Excel
  88. How to calculate how many days you have been alive.
  89. Is it possible to have a product name enter automatically whenever I enter a product number?
  90. Set up Array Formula in Excel
  91. Place a web object into word which updates data over the internet
  92. Use the Group Command in Excel 2000 to Show and Hide Data
    (Excel 07/2000-This is a microsoft website)
  93. Quick Tip: Modify Excel print margins with the mouse
  94. Excel Macro to select full data area... when data area varies

  95. 10 Tips for Formatting Your Spreadsheets
    In my office, we live and die with Excel. Every day, I must receive at least a dozen spreadsheets and send half a dozen more to my colleagues. With all those columns and rows, it's easy for important information to get lost. But with a few formatting tricks, you can make your work really stand out.
    - Spreadsheets Guide Carla Jolley

  96. CONSOLIDATION made simple.

  97. Word, Powerpoint, Access: Changing Pop-Up Menus

  98. Custom Formats For Validation

  99. Rotating Drawing Objects
    Works with; Word, Excel, Powerpoint:

  100. Counting And Highlighting Values

  101. Using the IF Function

  102. Shortcut To Delete Rows Or Columns

  103. Sumproduct Multiplies Cells, Adds 'Em Up

  104. Mmult Does Multiplication Tables

  105. Transpose Trick Keeps Tables in Sync

  106. Creating Instant Tables

  107. Finding Duplicates With Conditional Formatting

  108. Filtering Excel Data

  109. Other ways to Sum Using the =SUMPRODUCT Command formula

  110. Moving Around in Tabs is Easier then you Might Think

  111. Computing With Cells That Match Your Criteria
    Hint: Goes beyond Auto Filters

  112. Display Worksheet Filename in a Cell

  113. Excel Fractions

  114. Four-Year Error in Excel 
    Works for versions 97 and above

  115. The PROPER Function

  116. The INT Function

  117. Advanced Ranking in Excel

  118. Excel's Custom Formats

  119. Ampersands (&) in Excel Headers

  120. Auto/Fill Shortcut

  121. Retrieving the Last Value in a Column

  122. Make subtotal values stand out in Excel

  123. Prevent Excel from Opening a Blank Workbook

  124. Computing With Cells That Match Your Criteria
    Hint: Goes beyond Auto Filters

  125. Display Worksheet Filename in a Cell

  126. Excel Fractions

  127. Four-Year Error in Excel 
    Works for versions 97 and above

  128. The PROPER Function

  129. The INT Function

  130. Advanced Ranking in Excel

  131. Excel's Custom Formats

  132. Ampersands in Excel Headers

  133. Auto/Fill Shortcut

  134. Retrieving the Last Value in a Column

  135. Make subtotal values stand out in Excel

  136. Prevent Excel from Opening a Blank Workbook

  137. Dual-Axis Charts

  138. Sorting Text And Numbers

  139. Add A Line Break To Your Cell (Excel 2002/2003)

  140. Adjust text to fit within an Excel cell

  141. Enter Excel data in multiple worksheets simultaneously

  142. Sort four or more columns of Excel data at once

  143. Prevent Excel users from scrolling outside data area

  144. Use Excel to calculate the hours worked for any shift

  145. Excel VLOOKUP Formula Explained

  146. Renaming Ranges

  147. Excel: "Paste Values" Shortcut

  148. Deleting Rows

  149. Offset And Dynamic Ranges

  150. Simplify your Excel formulas with named constants
    If you use a constant in your Microsoft Excel workbook formulas, such as sales tax or car mileage allowance, then check out how using a named constant can save yourself considerable time

  151. Sorting Cells by Color

  152. Adding Worksheets In Numeric Order

  153. Add a Date/Time stamp to your Excel worksheets

  154. Use index sheets to quickly navigate in an Excel workbook

  155. Make subtotal values stand out in Excel

  156. Create a summary report in Excel with data consolidation

  157. Displaying values with more than 12 characters in Excel

  158. Excel: Copying Charts

  159. Writing Formulas Across Multiple Worksheets

  160. Editing Cells In Multiple Worksheets Concurrently

  161. Use custom views in Excel to enhance your presentations

  162. The Match Function

  163. Create a formula for entering a series of incremental times in Excel    

  164. Prevent duplicate Excel entries within a range

  165. Quick Copy, Paste-Value Options

  166. Absolute Cell Reference Shortcut---Hint? Think F4

  167. Turn Rows Into Columns (And Vice Versa)
    Works with Excel 97 and above

  168. Use a function to count cells between two values in Excel

  169. Excel's 7 Nested Function Limit

  170. Excel Named Constants
  171. Fill Handle
  172. Excel Named Formula