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Bohunky0's Tech Support Links Page
Are you tired of waiting for those Geeko Tech nerds to
answer your deepest computer help questions?
Then you have arrived at the right place!

Probably by far the most complaints that I receive from computer users is the slow state of technical support. Unless of course you are fond of elevator music or infomercials set to easy listening. Unless there is a problem that I simply can not solve on my own or with the help of the websites detailed below, I refuse to subject myself to Berry Mantilow music if I can possibly help it. Never would I pay for help from a company from which I have purchased software or hardware.

I think you will find the sites below a useful part of your favorites or bookmark links as well. Check them out if you have a question or just want to know how something works.

The PC Guide: A little tricky to navigate, but it's worth the trouble for the wealth of info pertaining to the health and well-being of your PC and its components. Five minutes with this site and you'll be a BIOS, motherboard and processor expert -- well, almost.
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ZDNet Help: This site has the most thorough hardware, software and Internet advice around. Covers everything from Linux woes to monitor mishaps in user-friendly language. Click for more

PC Mechanic:
Walks you step-by-step through everything from building a PC to troubleshooting Windows. Also includes reviews, downloads and shopping guides. 

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Tom's Hardware Guide: A good resource for getting at the guts of your machine. Helpful guides detail CPU, storage, clocking, performance, chipset issues and more. 
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Microsoft Support: It's too bad the help offered within Microsoft products is not as easy to use or complete as what's offered here. Includes FAQs, troubleshooters and newsgroups for all its products. 
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