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You knew it was just a matter of time before we started a specialized page for Firefox didn't ya? Well, here is is.

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Date Last Updated: Saturday December 03, 2005

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Make Old Extensions Work in Firefox 1.5

Many of our readers have complained that sense downloading and installing Firefox 1.5, their old extentions do not work. Here is a trick to make Firefox 1.0 extensions work in Firefox 1.5 (of course, this is only a temporary solution before your extensions upgrade.)

  1. At location bar, enter:
    This will show you a list of Firefox internal preferences.
  2. Right click on the list, select New | String
  3. At preference name enter
    (without quotes).
  4. Then, enter "1.0" (without quotes) as the value for app.extensions.version
  5. Restart Firefox 1.5, then enable those disabled Firefox extensions.
  6. Restart Firefox 1.5 again to active the extensions.
  7. Done.