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You think this is bad, you should see my license photo!
This site was created to assist people in finding the best that the net has to offer. 

I spend a lot of time on the web. Search Engines generally do not excite me, though they are useful. Nine times out of ten you get  thousands of hits to stuff that does not even come close to what you are looking for. The World Wide Web (WWW) is a vast place filled with tons of information, software, freeware, and all manner of downloads. Not to mention the new annoyance, the sex sites that come from no where and then refuse to leave. I attempt to shuffle through the garbage to get to what we all want.

Search Engines worth your examination:
There are a few new search engines out there that are worth taking a look at plus a few of my old stand-by's. 

Ask Jives or Ask.com is the one you should begin with if you are new to the net or to net searches. Ask Jives is a good place to start, especially if you are not experienced with the Boolean searches. Ask Jives will give you several locations to your search with the most relevant listed first. Be warned however, the site stays with you in the form of one of those annoying banners. Try it for yourself. 

A new one that pays you to use it's engine is I Won.com. This one allows you to register. Every time you use their site you will be given a variety of click entries. Mainly listed from 1 to 7 at present. This enters you into a sweepstakes where you have an opportunity to win cash prizes either every day, week, or month. Give them a try. Might as well have a chance to get something out of your searches other than hits to useless information. They are a fair site.. Once you become more expericed though, you will want the functionality of those like the ones listed below.

An old stand by has to be Yahoo. I am able to find more of what I am looking for with this site then most any other. In my opinion, for what that is worth, YaHoo is your best bet if you want an advanced search.

Another excellent engine that I use often for technical stuff is HoBot. Though you need not be a savvy user to find results, HoBot has a multitude of search options that allow the Novice user as well as the seasoned veterian the ability to get the most out of their searches.

New Search Engine from AltraVista
Raging Search Home Is 20% faster than rival sites and sorts the information in descending order to its relevancy to the request, according to Rod Schrock, AltaVista's chief executive officer. Check out www.raging.com and put the engine to the test!

So, lets get out there and find what we are looking for. Cyberspace awaits you! But remember, BoHunky0's is always a safe harbor if the surfing gets to tricky. So please, come back often!

You say that even though you have searched and searched the web you still can't find your heart desire? "Click your heels three times and drop Bohunky0 a line with your problem. Bohunky0 is here to help or at least to throw you a life preserver, and your little dog too!"

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